Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

E reading

E has been drilling himself on the alphabet, asking for new words and more books. He reads through his favorites to us and asks for more words. He adds to the words that he recognizes and works on spelling the important words like fart and poop.

I started checking into reading books and ran across The Reading Lesson. I love the simplicity of this book. More importantly E enjoys it!

We sit down with The Reading Lesson book, open it up and he knows just what to do on each page. The lessons are laid out simply with a minimum of clutter on the page.

Each lesson starts with a set of letters to learn and throughout the lesson they are reinforced with matching, new words, new sound combinations and stories with their own matching picture. Very little preparation is needed, which has been wonderful for us as I can never be sure how hard and long he will want to push. Sometimes we read through quite a number of pages at a single sitting.

This book has been a big help for me to work with E on reading. It provides just enough guidance and focus for me to feel progress and the simplicity just draws E in, he loves doing it on his own!

E was so proud to read to Dad from his book, when Dad returned home from a deployment and he loves to point out the words, letters and sounds that he knows where ever we travel.

Here is a link to E reading one of the stories http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zrXcwdDH9c
He was in quite a hurry as he wanted to record Mom reading a book :)


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shoe shopping

DON'T freak by the title. YES I STILL hate shopping! BUT little one started walking with a vengeance this week, wore the toes out of his first shoes and they are too small. The next size that we have for him, as darn cute as they are are just a smidgen too large. So....we went shoe shopping :)

The range of quality, flexibility and fit is huge! Despite little one's desire to run all over the store and even out the door, I managed to work quite a number of shoes onto his feet.

There is a short version...but what fun is that? They had sandals, squeaky shoes, boots, platforms....even sandals that squeaked. Most of the shoes were too rigid or not high enough over the large part of the foot (no doubt that has a name that eludes me). He is also rather between sizes on most of the others right now. The 12-18mo were too short, but the 18-24mo were too long.

One fit just perfectly, this one in a size 5 http://www.seekairun.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=EN BUT I didn't think the sole was quite flexible enough for a starting walker.

So we went with this one in a size 18-24 mo http://www.pediped.com/Product/ProductInfo.aspx?id=105&cid=49

How cute is that?! They work great with or without socks and he walked all over the shopping court styling in his new shoes!!

I figure in about three months or so the See Kai Run shoes will work well... but in a size 6. They do seem to be bigger around than typical toddler shoes and he definitely needs that space. Just in case someone REALLY REALLY wants to buy shoes, I placed a couple on his Amazon wish list.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Road Trip

Look at this great piece of fabric that I came across! I plan to turn this into a playmat/toybag for a traveling piece of fun.

We are moving this November back to the states and I have been thinking of ways to make the long, long move more fun. Of course, within the restrictions that the toys be *quiet* toys, not too heavy AND entertaining. Given that LO is not yet a year, that combination is rather challenging. His favorite toys right now are crinkly paper and his toes. Toes are easy... they pack up nicely. Crinkly paper... not so much. It is fun and light, but very noisy.

DH and I found a soft vehicle collection and thus the idea for a traveling playmat was born. Yes, you might say there are ALREADY travel playmats out there. And you are right, but the ones that I found are all vinyl or nylon and didn't close up very well to carry toys. LO's playmat will be unique! Nice cotton fabric to play on and a cool bag to hold all the toys quickly.

Check back to see how this magic unfolds!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

My flakey husband...

DH enjoys calling me a treehugger. Who am I to argue? There are many ways to travel in this life and I would like to think that my presence here left the world better off than I found it. I also happens that many of these things that reduce environmental impact are also healthier for our bodies... go figure... a system that works!

To this end, I use cloth hand towels, cloth diapers, nontoxic home cleaners, and recycle items when I can. This isn't the end of the list, but an example.

Given our move back to the states, the rising cost of gas and the male inclination to tinker, DH is looking into a bio diesel or even cooking oil as a fuel source for a vehicle.

I am all for it. Not only can it reduce the impact on our pocket book, lower reliance on fossil fuels AND keep money out of the Bush family, but it also indicates that DH has moved up the crunchy scale in life.

I frequent a mothering forum and posed the questions of crunchy levels. I asked if this rise in environmental awareness moved him to flakey. He isn't crunchy yet, he does still have this addiction to plastic water bottles and zip lock bags. BUT he is clearly moving up the scale from gas guzzling lead foot.

What I discovered on this forum is that many minds have given this a great deal of though before I have. And there is a crunchy hierarchy. Flakey isn't on it, which is too bad, but it goes something like this. Soggy, chewy, crispy and crunchy. Other suggestions include crunchy curious, for those exploring but not ready to commit. Sorta crunchy for those that try, but haven't made the last leap and al dente a little firm to the bite, but not crunchy.

DH is no longer soggy... I would guess that he has moved to chewy at this point. I still think it is funny to call him a flake though.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The physics of the family bed

The beginning of bed sharing is always an adventure.

I am a futon on the floor kinda person, enjoying hanging partially off the bed. I also generate enough heat that unless there are icicles IN the room, blankets just end up on the floor. I am also a very light sleeper, can't tolerate noise, no TV, no radio...nothing.

Now it is hard for me to say what dh alone sleeping habits are, but I imagine a pillow fort, TV on, and every available blanket on the bed.

Picturing the scenario? Throw the two of onto a queen size platform bed and let the fun begin.

But don't let the fun stop there. I am a firm believer in attachment parenting. I mean, the little one spent his first nine months IN my body. I can't shock him into sleeping all alone...just can't do it. So.. little one has joined us in the bed.

There are upsides..I don't have to open my eyes to nurse him, just get a boob close enough that he can latch on. When he gets wiggly, I can put him over his little potty and he usually is back asleep before he finishes peeing... so no sitting in his own waste. AND evidently he is as much of a cuddler as I am! :)

BUT how a person under 20 pounds can take up half the bed AND still be pressed against me...I will never know. So here we are.

DH bundled up under umpteen blankets on a third of the bed. LO with half the bed, yet in the lake we generate together. Yes.. lake. He is as warm as I am in the bed. Together we generate enough heat to thaw Canada, if not completely melt all the icebergs.

Now my math is pretty good. I can still work out advanced calculus problems, but one half and one third end up equalling me with a cheek off the bed. And we aren't talking the rosy kind.

I wouldn't have it any other way!! I love waking up to my two men snoring and farting peacefully next to me. VERY much worth needing the bungee cords to avoid falling out of bed.

You figure the physics...I am going to go cuddle!!:)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Fine Art of Changing a Poopy Diaper

It has long been a long disputed question, whether it is better to clean from the outside going in the inside going out. Now those of you with LOs know what I am talking about. Not every poopy diaper is completely contained. No matter sposie or cloth, no matter how large or small, or even how many times you managed to wrap that sucker around the LO. There are poops and there are POOPS.

This morning LO rented out space in his cloth diaper to the neighborhood. Oh yea, you KNOW what I am talking about admit it. That massive.. how in the world can you make THAT much poop, POOP.

As I am cleaning hands, toes, and belly button, being thankful that his ears managed to stay clean, I wonder if it makes more sense to start at the outer edges and clean going in or tackle the big mess first and go out.

Usually, in the case of a poop of this volume starting at the center is a little intimidating...OK truth be told it is downright scary. So I start at the edges and work my way to the center as I drum up the courage to tackle the POOP.

Another forunate thing is that LO is a bf (breastfed) baby. I am told that their poops are quite nice compared to ff (formula fed) baby poops. I hope that I NEVER have to see THAT!!!