Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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Sunday, December 31, 2006
Kerensa - The pregnant snake goddess

So here I am at Okinawa World, innocently minding my own business... yea right you say. It HAS been known to happen...true... I was asleep at the time. Ok, let us try this again.
Here is the REAL story and it is all true :)
DH and I were out walking, admiring the cool day and the wonderful foliage. We would stop here and there for him to snap a picture of some really cool thing. Usually I make a lot of noise when out hiking, purely with the thought to scare away any Habu (okinawan poisonous snakes) before they scare me. Maybe this time my super stealth pregnant body was daintily and silently gliding along the path.... think pregnant ninja. When a GIANT python slithers down across my shoulders and checks out the little one... or my belly button... after all it is really difficult to tell exactly what a very large snake is thinking.
There I stand with a snake draped over my shoulders and rather than scream or start running, yea.. wouldn't that be a sight?? Graceful dainty pregnant women don't run... It would ruin the effect. I get DH to snap a couple of pictures for posterity, which I have shared under photos as proof that this REALLY happened the way I tell it.
He was a nice snake. Very cool and dry, just kinda communing with the belly for a while and admiring my stealthy grace.
How many 30 week pregnant women get to snuggle up with a large python? I figure it is a good celebration of fertility! Next week I think I'll be on the lookout for a giant squid... Wish me Luck!!!

Monday, December 25, 2006
The latest household anomaly

There is a new addition to the household. I am calling it the "nesting dervish".
DH (Dear husband) gets a few days off and what happens?!...
Stuff starts moving around and getting reorganized (or organized). It started out harmless enough. I had more yarn than storage bins... so I asked him to clean out an almost already empty large bin for me to use. That worked well. I got all my yarn inside the bins we have and packed the "big" baby clothes into one of the smaller ones. That set off an uncontrollable chain of events. Prepare yourself...
Not quite stuffed bins became stuffed bins.. and stuff that had homed on the floor became stacked on top of THOSE bins. The kayaks... yes I have two here now, have a new home in the "spare room" with the bins of course. Previously they resided in the library/office/gym/tutoring room. From there is was a matter of logic to clean out the closet in the library/office/gym/tutoring room. Well a little bit anyway. That closet still holds the coats and weights.
Don't worry... not done yet.
That morphed into moving the bed in order to sweep under and behind it. I drew the line at the dresser. It can stay put. Then the suitcases got restacked in the spare room and a bean bag chair was discovered :) So that was dragged into the library/office/gym/tutoring room.
Still going...
The computer stuff was pilfered, clearing out space in the desk for more stuff. Luckily we have only one PC that we are in the midst of repairing. The other having returned to its rightful home the previous day. The books were then thinned out a little.
Low and behold... we have an organized spare room with space for more bins, if we must. A clean bedroom floor, okay except for the "not quite dirty" clothes piled in the corner. And floor space in the library/office/gym/tutoring room.
Thus the "nesting dervish" struck with a vengence. It needs to strick again soon because we have xmas gifts. They just need to make it into the same spot, preferably a shipping box.
For now I am learning new "putting on pants" techniques and making some very colorful baby belly coverings, aka maternity shirts. DH... well I wore him out and he is keeping the bed warm for later :)
One last thing...that stuff is REALLY hard to lift with no ab muscles anymore. I am pretty much not allowed by DH to lift anything over five pounds now, unless it is already attached to me.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Toilet fairies and other household anomalies

Our apartment has a toilet fairy. Granted... I have never seen it, but then I have never seen NYC either and it exists. I wake up for my pre 5am pee not long after my pre 3am pee and the toilet seat is up??? There are only two humans in the apartment and I happen to know that one of them sleeps. You might say, "but evidently you sleep too." Clearly you don't understand. My husband has turned sleep into an artform. I have no doubt that he could outsleep anyone and do it in such style that people walk away saying, "Now HE is a sleeper!"
This is why I have decided there is a toilet fairy in the house. I have no reason to leave the seat up and my husband SLEEPS. What do you reckon a toilet fairy wants from life? The closet monster just wants peace and quiet. Leave the closet doors closed ALL the time and he doesn't mess with a thing. The dust bunnies like the corners and behind places, as long as the furniture isn't moved or the wind too high they stay put. The monster under the bed was transplanted due to there being no under the bed. Santa Claus leaves cool stuff when you put out cookies and milk. Even the Easter bunny obviously likes to put little things in a basket.
Clearly the toilet fairy is a much more sophisticated creature with a motivation that I have yet to discern. The toilet fairy must be a distant cousin to the tooth fairy, whats up with collecting teeth?? MAYBE the toilet fairy enjoys the fluffy softness of toilet paper. BUT IF that were the case, then why not put the toilet lid down for a place to sit and enjoy the softness for a while?? No... instead up goes the seat. Hmmmm... obviously something worthwhile to ponder, seeing how I finished my classes yesterday and MUCH thanks to family, I have NO need to go baby shopping!!! No REALLY... I am THRILLED beyond words that I don't have to shop...*shiver*... even the word brings thoughts that belong with the closet monster. So instead, I will clean the toilet. Put a new candle out and I should probably wash the dishes too.
If you have ideas regarding the motivation for a toilet fairy, PLEASE share!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006
Now this is cool!!

You HAVE to check out this website
Yes... I know it requires micromedia shockwave, but it is SOOO worth it. I though about doing a poll to see who could guess my favorite part of the simulation, but I don't have that much patience. Ok, so MY favorite part is week 8 through 14, when the boobs get bigger. That is just funny to move the bar back and forth and make a whaaaawwwmmm sound at the same time.
Did I just hear someone say something about little minds being easily entertained?? Humph... look who is reading this blog!!?? hehehe
I also want to say that that really looks like a LOT of placenta that gets to come out after the little one does. I kinda want to see it... MAYBE I shouldn't share this much, but hey.. I am not the only crazy one out there :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
On the lighter side

I am planning on new belly pictures tonight.. stay posted. This week is final's week for me :) yay!! Have one of them pretty much finished and waiting for the other one to be published. So I am killing time cruising the web, I know always a risky idea... I found this GREAT site for irreverant baby onesies
I know that with my reputation I don't need to report which ones are my favorites, but if you know me at all, you know I am going to report it anyway. My number one fav is "I'm proof my mom likes to fuck"
My next favorite was not on this site, but I did see it elsewhere "I'm a BREAST MAN", and it is tied with "I'm with the MILF"
Then there is the political commentary "My diaper is like a Conservative Republican - full of poo poo"
SO many good ones here, but now you have to check it out yourself!
Few things in life are sacred, laughter is one of them. Gotta laugh man!! You would if you saw my belly in person!! It is large... jiggly...and topped with belly button flatness. Mmmmm... now why does an ice cream sundae sound good all of a sudden??
I am slowly buying my supply of Fuzzi Bunz CD (cloth diapers for those not in the know). The first box came in and Josh calls me up, "Your fuzzi buttz are here"... nice. I keep telling him that the diapers are so the baby feels more like his daddy. hehehe
And I am going to rat out one of my lil sisters here, because I can and it is funny. Without names, but the one that is learning to drive... was in the car with mom and mom says "look both ways at the rail road tracks." Sis asks "why? The train tracks are one way" OMG... BLONDE
Now it is true that she hasn't hit my tree yet... Ohh you haven't heard THAT story?? Well... I was getting to that learning to drive age, but wasn't really interested. Mom's bf works on me and works on me to drive his lil red truck. I give in one day and am driving down a back road. Need to make a right turn, but had NO clue you had to slow down first to make a turn. So there I went with that lil red truck right over a ravine and up the hill into the tree. Now for Oklahoma that corner has quite a few little trees, but the one that I hit got its own reflector not long after that incident. More than a few people know that tree as mine. :) (Note: I haven't hit anything in a few years, but still like to drive quickly around curves)

Saturday, December 09, 2006
I am a granola

Got your attention didn't I??
Josh on a tour of labor & delivery at the hospital here today. It turned out to be a personalized tour as we were the only ones to show up. Which was rather nice, because I am sure that few other moms-to-be here would have been interested in the questions that I needed to ask.
I very much liked the nurse that spoke with us. Too bad she doesn't work the delivery floor. She is a strong advocate for a woman to have the birth experience she wants. She was honest enough with us to let me know that it would be a good idea for me to explore offbase midwives whether through a birthing clinic or for a home birth. She let me know that there are/have been a number of women that have chosen to give birth outside of the hospital here.
She also let me know that the midwife we have been seeing on Lester really does thing a water birth would be a good thing. She strongly hinted that all it might need is an advocate willing to push hard to make it happen. she felt that most of the staff (non-doc staff) would be open to the experience, but that there would be a few to fight it.
I should say that the delivery room was nothing to look at. It was large enough for a water tub, but looked VERY institutional. And the safety guy who said it would be an electrical hazard, made a poor call. The flooring is curved up into the wall for a good 4-5 inches. Unless the tub actually broke AND one of the staff had their hand in a toaster while barefoot in the room.... well you get the picture. Personally.. I might be barefoot, but I don't see handling anything electric. Unless Josh has some stray lightning superhero gene that I don't know about.
I feel better about the information that I have regarding the hospital. I still have not decided it is the right place for me. Our next appointment with the midwife is this week. I intend to find out much more and look into offbase options.
Oh... and about the granola comment. The nurse asked Josh if he knew that I was a granola when we married. Referring, of course, to my cloth diaper, environmental, tree hugging, and natural birthing desire habits. This ON TOP of being a vegetarian. I just know that one of the "norm" family members is soo going to disown me for laying written claim to my perverse leaning in life. The rest... well just shake their head.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Archived Stuff Nov 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Belly Button Chronicles - Part 2

Here is the promised second part in the journey of my belly button. Hang on to your seats, because we are getting exciting now!!

The aforementioned belly button is now approaching flatness. It is now perched on top of an ever rising mound of a JELLO belly. It is WAY cool!

Another side effect of the impending Boy Ward is N-E-S-T-I-N-G. I actually folded laundry before 7am this morning and THEN went on to clean the windows. Other signs of this phenomenon include the purchase of an infant car seat and the first set of all-in-one diapers. One would think I was preparing for something…

Wouldn't this be nice if I could have channeled these urges into finishing my grad paper?? But no… instead I am reading about the best placement of a car seat and nutrition for baby's first year.

If you are squeamish or just rather not know too much then ignore this section. We spent Thanksgiving dinner at another couple's home and they have a little one about four months old or so. Well… I got proof that my body is primed for baby. I imagine that the crying triggered a pretty good response from my boobs to go ahead with the milk. Yea… say it… you know you want to… ewwwww!!! I WARNED you. It was a short response, things are back to "normal" now.

Another urge that I am having lately is to listen to jazz and classical music. Why fight it?? It is good music!! I enjoy the mix of mellow to dance sounds. I really could use a set of decent speakers.

Oh yea, before only my pinky fit in my belly button. Now it is approaching a one and a half finger size. So not only it is getting flatter, but stretched out too! I am happy to note that I am not experiencing stretch marks, maybe that it still to come… who knows?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The BLACK HOLE for ink pens

In case you ever wonder where that ink pen you were looking for is... think no further... it is at my house. Trust me.

Not too long ago I noticed an increase in the ink pen population was occuring in my house. At first I thought they were breeding, but after careful observation and a supply of pen condoms, I debunked that theory.

The first indication I had of the BLACK HOLENESS of my house for ink pens was watching my husband examine an ink pen he had just used to sign a credit slip, then it mysteriously end up in my house.

A few months ago, I took action. The ink pen build up was becoming unmanageable. Everywhere I looked there were three ink pens just waiting to be used. I mean EVERYWHERE... The dresser drawer, under the bed and even in a shoe. I gathered up all the ink pens. I kept one red one, one blue one, a thin marker, a thick marker and three black pens. Oh... and the giant ink pen, because it is just cool. What can I say... three just sounded like a good number. The rest I snuck into various places and abandoned them. The enlisted club gained four, work gained five or six and I think I left a couple at the clinic.

The ink pen collection was at a manageable level again.... for a while.

Sometime about the time my husband returned from the states the ink pen rearmament began again. Last week I noticed four black ink pens in the desk, where there had only been one and the plastic cup in the entry was overflowing. Then tonight it all became clear!!!

My husband is an ink pen junky.

He took one to work with him this morning in his pocket and returned home with four. Once home he proceeded to empty his pocket of ink pens into.... the overflowing cup and the desk!!!

In just under the two months that he has been back he has managed to bring home nine stray ink pens already. He has just slipped out for curry. I am in the process of planting two ink pens in each of his work pockets with the hopes that while the number may not diminish... at least it won't continue to rise.

I am all for a spare pen or two... NOTE: OR TWO! More than that is just asking for an ink travesty.

Need an ink pen?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Setting the story straight

Recently I duct taped Josh to the couch and a pen to his hand. I pulled out the baby memory book and said "time to help me with this". (the duct tape helped)

We were on a roll then hit the question, where and how your parents met. We drew a blank staring at each other. Not for lack of remembering, more for appropriate version. Here I am to set the record straight.

v1: We met at Walmart in Midwest City, hit it off and then went out on a date.

v2: It was a blind date and we really lucked out, enjoying each other's company.

v3: I was new to Oklahoma City and asked him if he could show me around the city.

v4: We were bored that day and in the mood for new company.

v5: I saw him on his cool bike and thought "wow, he looks like someone I want to meet".

v6: He saw me in my cool Outback wagon and thought "well, I'm not busy tonight."

v7: Midwest City, spring 2003.

All of these are perfectly true, which one do you like?

None of them are quite complete. Note: my mom was there, a pub and the best beer in the world was involved at some point and his bike was red, which isn't my favorite color. Now that I think about it, his car was red too. weird...

Now the truly amazing thing was that neither of us wanted to get married, we both thought the other sex was crazy (ok, that part hasn't changed) and he was leaving the country (he did, but I went too). For my part, it was an amazing summer and I am still amazed that I could be open and see how great it could be with us.

Look where that summer got us… In a foreign country, married and expecting our first baby. (shhh… don't tell about the married part, I want it to be a surprise) Life is… odd.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lost: my mind

If found please return.

Ever had that dream that you are on a deserted island... plenty of food, water and hobbies? Can wander around naked without worrying about sunburn... or any injury for that matter.

Yea... me neither.

Well... I am on an island, full of tiny people and traffic. Gorgeous beaches, warm ocean and only two midwives. Normally that isn't much of an issue, but right now I am going to rant. Feel free to skip the next few paragraphs... I think I have pregnancy brain. I want it my way and all to work out. Ok, so I normally want it that way. Does that make me a control freak? Please don't answer, it was rhetorical. I want a home birth...the idea of a hospital makes me nauseous. I am NOT sick, just growing an alien child that I haven't been convinced is mine yet. He throws all these wild parties and I just bring the food so far. Ok, back to the midwives... the one that I am seeing is cool with me bringing in a water tub, but she says that the docs are afraid of water and the other midwife leaves island before I am due. Plus we all know what hubby does; bless his heart he will fight the entire base to be there. But that leaves me with knowing who is going to be there for delivery?.... me. Why would I want to go to a creepy building and expose such an intimate experience with strangers???? I am not known for my fondness of strangers, I think I was taught well as a child. Maybe too well.

Here is what, in my lost mind, I am imagining. I go there alone... already in some discomfort. Strangers greet me and are trying to be all supportive and stuff.. eek don't touch me...they want me to be in a certain place...didn't I say don't touch me?... Ok this part is fuzzy, hopefully there is less touching, I'll skip ahead... I want my babe right away... not in some other room… not fondled by some babe... my arms... and he keeps all his parts!! Damn strangers messing with my little boy's parts... and DON'T touch me. Obviously I am a little upset by this.

They say the docs/nurses are there for when anything goes wrong. To me they are another place that something can go wrong. I need to chill and see the tour of the department and ask all my questions there. Besides… maybe there will be a lock on the door J Why fret upon something that it appears I have little control over? Can I just say one more thing… it sucks. It's not like I don't have other things to do right now. Two graduate classes, tutoring students and gaining weight, you'd think I have enough without adding to it. Beer would be REALLY REALLY good right about now. I am going to settle for a root beer, chocolate and a bubble bath.

Man… have I said just how COOL it is to feel this little guy moving around in there? He is going to be beautiful. One look at him and all that mess from above is gonna be GONE. Nothing will ever be the same… in a good way. This might be that epiphany about "the situation is hopeless but not serious." I think I'll get that tatooed on my wrist. I'm getting an ink pen as I write.

Hopefully has his daddy's temperament. Two of me in the house might drive Josh insane. Poor guy. Love you, Josh! You rock damnit.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another cool idea for mommies

Mom mentioned a way to keep track of the next nursing side. So I went on a search for bracelets thinking that one of those gel support our troops bracelets would be pretty convenient. Then I ran across this site that makes gel nursing bands to track times also.

Looks pretty handy to me. I have seen beaded ones, but this is more inconspicuous and frankly... less likely for me to break. They make five colors... why not go for seven, like the days of the week panties (not that I ever owned any). With seven of course that would assume I know which day it is to change the bracelet.

I think I'll talk about cravings for a bit.... My sweet tooth has vanished and I am sure that I have moaned earlier about my recent distaste for my favorite soda, Dr. Pepper. I get hungry about every 3 hours. Its not a mild nagging hunger either. Its more "I am a raving lunatic, give me food or I will naw on you" hunger. So far I want tomatoes... fresh.. juicy.. ripe tomatoes. Big ones... little ones... green.. red... if it is a tomato... it is good. I REALLY need to find some tomato starts and grow my own. Oh and we found a gyro place on island... they make gyros with chicken and they are sooooo good. With needing to reduce my fish intake a little (damn mercury), I have added chicken in a little, plus a fish gyro is a little beyond me. ALTHOUGH... if they skipped the meat and made one with extra tomoatoes.... ahhh heaven. I think I'll have a little talk with them!!

Oh and the little one either loves or hates Vivaldi. But really... is there a middle ground with Vivaldi? Classical and jazz are both enjoyed. I am sure at great relief that it stops my singing :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ultimate gift for baby boys??

You really have to see it to believe it.

YUP... it is exactly what it looks like! Who thinks of these things?? Josh and I had a different tactic planned. Full body wetsuits, shoulder high gloves and goggles. Don't forget the waterproof wallpaper.... now how to get that on a 9 ft ceiling?

If you don't think that item is funny... I can't really help you.

The little one invited friends over the other night, either that or he was doing some serious remodeling. I am going to put pillows on the floor. If he is this strong at 23 weeks.... I'm gonna fall out of the bed in a couple more months from him swimming in there.

I'm not sure there is going to be a name. Josh likes Hebrew names and I like Irish/Welsh/Scottish names. Voltron is out.. not going to happen! Remember the idea to get him drunk at delivery? I have a plan with the Irish pub to deliver a keg of Guinness to the 5th floor of Lester Hospital. that is going to be one cheerful hospital wing when I am in labor... Think I can sneek out at that point?

Oh yea and the next person that wishes for larger boobs is going to get slapped. In fact... the next person that says the word boob, boobs, or any variation will be injured. Too bad I can't take one of mine off and throw it at THAT would hurt and they can keep it.

LMAO... peepee teepee... who thinks of these things?? And what father would agree to photograph their son with one on?? hmmm.... probably Voltron's dad.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Halloween night the little one was performing some pretty hefty acrobatics. Not sure how he finds the room to be so active, he looked pretty squished in the ultrasound pics.

The coolness is that Josh was able to feel some of the little guy moving around in there!!! His expression was priceless :)

I am a knitting fiend lately. I think mainly to have a good (?) reason to avoid starting on that paper that I should have begun last week. It is a relaxing hobby... most of the time. I looked back over my projects for the past year and I have quite a number of them.

I think I found the ultimate conversation stopper. Just say "I like math" and see what happens... I think time may even move backwards a bit. Evidently that isn't something that one is supposed to say out loud even if you mean it. We were eating out at a Thai restaurant and started talking with another American couple. For some reason or another that sentence came out of my mouth and there was dead silence for a good 45 seconds. It isn't as though I said I like sex with dead babies... now THAT I can understand stopping a conversation. Perhaps even a clearing of the room. But math?? Come on... it's fun... you know it is.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Archived Stuff Oct 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Belly Button Chronicles - Part 1

This is the first of a multipart series on my belly button. The belly button is a rather innocuous part of anatomy that becomes most fascinating during pregnancy. The belly button can be likened to the pop out timer on the Thanksgiving turkey. The significance of it popping out might be construed as small, but only to those that haven't experienced the changing nature of the belly button.

Used to be, I had to work some in order to keep it quite clean. The belly button in its natural state has many nooks and crannies that are fairly challenging to reach. Mine no longer has that problem.

My belly button currently has only one wrinkle that has to be managed to adequately remove all the lint build up. My finger also fits quite nicely in there now.

Never had my belly button seemed so fascinating. I suspect this is only true, because it is one piece of anatomy that I will be able to see throughout the baking of our impending baby boy. Ok, I know I will still be able to see my hands, but who wants to watch the swelling?? The other reason is for the belly buttons increasing ease in care and I'm pretty sure that is unique to the state of pregnancy.

The question is… Will I have an outie at some point? Evidently not all women do.

And it appears that for some it can stay an outie. I think it will be cool to have an outie at least for a little while, but for the time I am enjoying cleaning my belly button without the usual gymnastics to reach all the crannies.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Baby Ward

Josh and I went to the ultrasound appointment today. I had been very concerned that the baby was not mine.... it is all good, they were sure. Something about the fact that it is in my uterus. By the way check out this funky picture weird.

We got to see the baby's heart, brain, kidneys, knees ... it is official.... it is human. Not only is it mine, but it is human. Talk about the odds of that!!

Ok.. I'm stalling, but I am damn good at it! The lady was poking around and discovered boy parts between the legs. Another lady came in and said, "ohh a turtle!" Man... this is a hospital, I guess P-E-N-I-S is a bad word. So the wee little one is a boy baby. I am ordering my full body wet suit as we speak.

Josh and I discussed names last night for a while. The leading names are Voltron, Optimus Prime or Mothra. uhuh... yea... I'm taking beer to the delivery and gonna get him good and stinking drunk!!!

The ultrasound pics they printed were too dark to get good scans. He seemed to have slept thtrough the entire proding and poking... Sound familiar??

So blue is the color and the only barbies will probably be headless. Its all good!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

BAD Attitude

I officially dub today as BAD attitude day!! I am having a perfectly good morning, the weather is nice, I found a shirt that looks pretty good and the stock market went up. All that.... and I am pissy!!! I feel pumped full of too much energy and no outlet. (read that as no one to beat up with a baseball bat)

I even got a box in the mail today and everyone KNOWS how much I like to get mail. I think it is a flashback to the cute mailman when I was 4 and those awesome National Geographic World magazines that mom used to get for me. Speaking of mailmen... the mailmen here ( I can say that, I haven't seen any femail carriers) ride these freaky cool red scooters. I so want one of those scooters!!!

Anyway... I'm pissy. Going to go open my box now and imagine myself this time next year back in my little jeans.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Women of the world unite...

Rest assured ladies that there will be one constant where ever you may travel in the world.... You will find a line to the ladies' restroom.

It appears there is a global shortage on women's bathroom stalls. I have no answer to this, perhaps it is a test to see how long we will hold out before we take over the men's room. Perhaps the truth is that men really don't use public restrooms. Can't say I blaim them really. The Japanese solve the ewww issue in their own way. They don't have many sit on toilets, instead they have a ingound urinal... you squat. You'd think aim would be an issue, but surprisingly the fact that women can't aim... is not entirely true. There is some biological basis for this fallacy, but depending on who is doing the measuring... only a tiny bit. (Sorry .. it sounded funnier that way.)

My husband is home. I get to share again. Which is ok.. most of the time. Somehow he managed to avoid the jetlag problem. I think it had to do with midnight classes for a few months. It is nice having him home, but if anyone is feeling generous, please send candles.... men do smell. (I prefer lavender.)

The next ultrasound of the lil' bugger is next week!! I am so excited to be able to see the baby again and this time Josh gets to be with me. Awesome!! I am feeling the lil' bugger move some, either that or it is really bad gas.

Josh is contributing to the name list, so far he has supplied Megaman, Voltran and Mothra. What do you think??

I think that I'm going to be selecting the name.

Well.. I am hungry. Later

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Well folks.. I am one step away from fatty pants. The doc declared my gut an official pooch now. I was able to hear the little swimmer's heartbeat and I think the little booger is in training for a marathon. Josh and I are going to have our hands full!

My new school term is well underway. I am planning a research paper on the effect of trust in teams, this is a short one at 5-7 pages of content.

I am also getting students to tutor. I certainly like having the little trickle of money coming in and so far they all have a good interest in the subject, which helps immensely.

The weather has cooled off some here and I am doing my walking outside now instead of staring at the same suspicious spot on the gym floor. In fact, right now I am trying to work up to going out for another walk tonight. I am torn between that or a nap. I did a lot of research work today and 2 hours on geometry. I got to explain what a tightrope was to a chinese girl today. One doesn't really think about culture differences in textbooks, but there you have it. A whiteboard would be really handy, I like to draw examples.

I am venturing to buy the first piece of baby furniture... a little dresser. It might have to double as a stuff place and changing table, which works for me. I have had a couple of comments on the weirdness of me not wanting to move on base for more space. We all know, except me apparently, that a baby needs its own room and tons upon tons of gear. Makes me wonder what we did before plastic?? I am figuring a good sturdy box with a pillow will work nicely for a crib. ( If you believe that... we really need to have a talk.) But really...the big thing that I remember about little ones is the incessant need to change clothing every half hour or so. It is so warm here that I see a lot of nudity going on.

The nap won... later.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Shopping *not for the timid or easily embarrased*

Well I did it... today I ventured into a store and browsed for clothing. I even made a (maternity wear) purchase. Why you ask? good question. The blouse only cost $4. I can't make a shirt that takes 16 yards of material for $4.

I have an interesting observation on the designers of maternity clothing. They have a sense of humor. It obviously is not enough to display the belly lump proudly, but they design these shirts for maximun cleavage exposure and triple lump display. The maternity bally doll shirt...that front isn't one large mass... nooooo....It is THREE large masses, because it is important to show off the extra growth for breast feeding and we wouldn't want anyone to get confused which lumps are which.

Another observation... the hospital delivers more than 90 babies a month. Thats a lot of babies and a lot of women needing maternity clothing. I found two racks of maternity clothing... TWO. One for pants (all hideous by the way) and one for blouses (please see the above lump commentary). The other thing to note is that military spouses aren't often small women to begin with. Given the number of pregant chicks on the island (with extra lump growth) and the number of large women (ditto), one would think that there existed a bra with a cup size larger than D. Just one...Ain't happening people. Forget shopping off base for bras, the large cup is a B, ok to be fair they probably have C.

Due to the growing concern, I am going to proceed with my experiment on duct tape bras. They make everything else from the stuff and just think of the support. Although I can't imagine it being very comfortable in this heat. But look I'm not the only one that has thought about it!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Soggy... oh so Soggy...

It is raining... again. The humidity varies between 89% and raining. The dryer is broken. As usual there is a silver lining... it is just worn REALLY thin.

I like Okinawa, so far it is really driven me to want to remain living overseas, much to the chagrin of family. Today for example..Today was SOOO quiet. I really like quiet today. I am hormonal moody and today was a good day for quiet.

My courses for this term started and I am pretty excited by them. Both the professors appear to really want to engage with the class and elicite productive discussions. Systems engineering texts are a little dry to read, but the ethical considerations are fascinating. I also ran across new biometric research for using thought patterns as passwords for security. There are too many movies of people losing fingers or eyes for me to be interested in jobs requiring strong security. But brain waves seem to me a little harder to steal. There is always torture, but I imagine that kind of stress would impact the pattern matching results. Is it possible?? why not?? People are using brain waves to control prosthetic devices.

Ohh and don't worry. I am still have crazy dreams, but I am thinking of writing a horror book from them and don't want to ruin the surprise.

Now I need to go see if my laundry is dry yet. I am saving the dishes for tomorrow.

PS. I am running out of books again. I only have three for this next week.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drum Roll Please....

It seemed like a good idea at the time. It certainly seems like a better idea than it seemed last week, but then you try eating when every thing seems repulsive and it tries to leave the way it went it and see how you feel!

We have left the first trimester.. and entered into the next phase...someone really needs to come up with better names. How about we call the first trimester... omgurgh... come on.. it will take some practice, but better explains what is going on. Can you do better?? The second trimester is still under observation.

I don't have the insane need for sleep. In fact, that ended over the weekend when I stayed awake until past 2am and managed to sleep until 7:30am. Food is no longer repulsive, instead I have a driving need to eat something/anything every 2-3 hours.

Hubby will be home soon. He didn't miss anything, trust me on that one. If I could have arranged to not be with myself... I would have taken that up in a heartbeat. I am still undecided as to whether I am worth being around yet.

The little one is about 3 inches long and so far... doesn't like Dr. Pepper. I am still rather offended by that. I was only having 2-3 cans a week. Now the idea makes me want to retch.

I haven't gained any weight yet, but am starting to lose my waist. I figure the pictures will get interesting in the next month or so. Other changes aren't really fit for this forum, but people in the know are aware of my distaste for my new... ahhh... attributes.

Due date is March 6.... that would be one day AFTER my birthday (personally I am shooting for late Feb, I want to meet the Dr. Pepper hating booger, but know I really don't get a say in that decision)

Girl or Boy?? Don't care.... no really...I DON'T CARE. Hubby wants the little one delivered with a job and toilet trained. Take a wild guess what I want.... (hint Dr. Pepper) I don't have a gender preference... really!! Can you tell how often I get asked that question? Ok, so the amount is relative to how much I allow anyone to speak with me (NOT OFTEN). I think I have heard it more often than "how are you"... sad huh!?

The word is out. I am not wearing a sign yet, but figure the eventual waddle will be indicator enough. No scheduled next pic yet, but will be sometime in early to mid October (baby not me).

If you want to know the sex.. ask Hubby. I am going to tell you it is a puppy and grin as you walk away in disgust. (Just so you don't worry so much, yes I am excited and I do blather on to my family about the wittle toes. There, I wrote it once. Don't expect me to type it again)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Roomate

Well...a roomate has moved in. Not a really talkative gal. Very quiet, doesn't make much of a mess and doesn't eat much. She just moves from here to there and looks cute. I did the dishes today, but I seem to make her climb the walls all the same. She keeps avoiding me... I ask, why move in if you just want to hang in the corner quietly. Typical... I get no response.

Sadly geckos, while cute littel critters, aren't very good conversationalists. One appears to have taken up residence in the bedroom and a larger one in the living room. They are known for their good luck, so maybe I'll just stick with that.

I tried to find a garlic bagel and cream cheese today.... it just sounds soooo good. No luck.. I might have to start scoping out the Starbucks around here... Yes, Starbucks on Oki.. I know a shocker. Although, who in their right mind wants hot coffee in 90 degree heat and 90% humidity. I said RIGHT MIND.... my husband doesn't fall into that category, after all he does like olives... weirdo. Olives weren't made to be EATEN, everyone knows they only exist for use in olive oil. On the upside, there is a rumor going around that I AM going to the Irish pub for some GOOD fried fish later this week. I think the gecko gal started it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Japanese Neil Diamond

Do I really need to say anything more than that?

Here I am, innocently eating at a psuedo-mexican restaurant and playing over the speakers is Neil Diamond in Japanese. freaky...

Then I walk outside, having managed to eat. Parked next to me is a zebra Landcruiser. Ok so I have to ask myself... Okinawa isn't really known for zebras and already a landcruiser is the largest nonmilitary vehicle on island... What more could possibly be done to make this vehicle more visible?? (Besides the obvious answer of adding boobies to it somehow)

Ok that reminds me of seeing an okinawan lady with boobs a few weeks ago. I mean this lady was stacked. An american size 0 would look like a plus size on her and she had boobs... not something one sees everyday on this island of the tiny people. Seriously... I'm TALL here, yes TALL. In a crowd, I can easily see over pretty much everyone. It is actually rather fun.

Serial Dreams

OK.. ok so this is a blog on dreams. That is only because my real life is much too interesting and I am not ready to share. Yes.. I am mean that way. Just ask my family :)

Lately I fall asleep and find myself in the same place only a little further in time. For some unknown reason, I am back in school with real lectures and classrooms. My schedule is interesting. I am in history, statistics, literature and some class that just doesn't make much sense. I have gone through the first week of classes and for some reason I became busy and didn't attend for two weeks. Luckily for me the school doesn't take attendance, but now I have a exam in statistics and I am trying to figure out what material was covered. Needless to say, I am behind. Between trying to catch up, wondering why I am in school and why I am missing two weeks, I stay off balance during the recent episodes.

Maybe it is a sign of things to come. Athough, trying to recall the last time I felt things were under some semblance of order or control gives me a headache.

Ohh and I am writing a little again. Fascinating stories with a life of their own, as usual. One of these days, maybe I'll get the nerve to do something with them in a less private manner. What I write feels very raw and naked, they will stay tucked away for a while longer.

Mom sent me a box a little while ago. I love boxes from mom, they are probably stranger than the ones that I send out :) Go figure. She sent me a number of Dr Seuss books. One in particular I remember reading over and over and over (well you get the idea) to my bubby when I was still taller. Quite a while ago as you can image. He loved that story and I still remember all the voices I made up for him. Too bad we don't have a video of his little dance :) And people wonder why he is so fun?! Sis and I played with him ALL the time, he is so sweet! Love you bubby!!!

This is the last week of August. Give me a couple more weeks and maybe I will be ready to share. Of course, nothing says you have to read. In my little world, I mostly talk with myself anyway. So it's all good.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Okinawa Indigo

Today I got to play in blue organic dye "Ryukyu Ai" made from a native Okinawan plant. The color was incredibly rich.

Also went to a Bashofu studio which is a banana fiber thread. Women harvest the banana and after soaking in hot wood ash water, they spin the fiber into a thread. They may dye the thread, possibly using the blue indigo and weave a patterned fabric. A Bashofu kimono takes 4 to 6 months to complete and more than 200 banana plants. Such a handmade kimono will cost one million yen or about ten thousand dollars. The studio retains the centuries old technique, continuing to teach new people and offering a beautiful Okinawan handicraft.

The textiles they offer here are beautiful in pattern, color and effort. They are also quite expensive.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Political Names and Food

Here is a thought. Why is Senator Hillary Clinton typically called Hillary in the news when Senator Fancy Pants is called Senator Fancy Pants, Senator Pants or Mr. Pants?

Is this a way to make Senator Clinton more likeable or does it reduce her professionalism?

On to more urgent matters. I made a strawberry limeade today :) I have been thinking about strawberry limeades for a week now. It was a little chunky since I have no blender. I just might have to remedy that.

The current craving... gyros. I have NO idea how I am going to handle this one. I know that I will only be able to eat four or five bites of one, but those bites would be WONDERFUL.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Family tossing dream

I was riding in my great uncles car and he picks up two teenage girls, one of whom is upset. The two girls start talking in their roundabout way and I learn that one of them has had unprotected sex for first time and she is worried that she might be pregnant. They discuss how she cant talk with her parents and what it was like. Evidently the other girl had never had sex before.

I interrupted the conversation and expressed some concern. The girl started to look very scared and knew enough to know that she did need some help. She began to cry. I gave her my number and told her that I would help her or get her in touch with those who could. My great uncle dropped the other girl off and this girl asked if she could be dropped off elsewhere. She begins to talk with me more and I am finding out that she first had sex a couple of weeks earlier. She was able to get the morning after pill, but was afraid to use it.

My great uncle pulls up into his driveway and I tell him that we will keep talking. He hurried off into the house. I keep the girl talking and let her know that I will listen and make sure that she gets information that she needs. I ask her if she is okay to go back home and she says that she is. As we get out of the car, the family starts pouring out of the house. One of the women comes up to us and starts yelling at the girl that she is going to hell and that she is wicked, among other things. I grab the relative by the clothes and toss her towards the house, telling all of them to get back and I am talking with the girl, they can keep out of it. I tell the girl to start walking home. I tell the family to stay away, that they are not being productive and I start to walk toward the girl to catch up. A couple more relatives follow, one starts yelling at her again and I grab the woman and tell her she is not helpful and toss her toward to house, the other relative reminds me of Ann and she comes up and gives both the girl and I hugs and tells up she loves us and to stay safe. Here I wake up feeling that I have just manage to alienate myself from half of my family and scared for the girl that it will get worse before it gets better.

The family seemed to be kind of a mix of people, a couple appeared to be similar to actual relatives from both of my parents families. This dream makes me angry that people want to enforce their beliefs on others that need only help and information. The girl was lost. Yes, she did not make the best decision, but it was an understandable and common decision based partially on lack of knowledge. I am totally pro-education. Additional decisions are the persons responsibility. No one else has their life. My dreams do touch on lighter subjects I certainly have a rich dream life. I wonder just how much dreams affect the whole body?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thinking ahead

I have the greatest idea for a Halloween costume!! You have to wait to see, but I'll post pictures.

The answer is yes, I have a lot of time on my hands. I hit the gym, eat and sleep. Of course, the dryer is broken.

My little brother started medical school this week!! Congrats BUBBY!!! That is awesome!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Dreams making sense now

My wonderful aunt helped me out with my dream of the boat/helicopter ride. Asking me questions about how I was feeling and the relationship that I had with the different people. Here are her comments.

no grounding, no water, pulled along by something you have no control over but are distantly attached to. you were doing all these things that you didn't have a choice in.....with all these people you're loosely connected with, but loose ties (like doctors, nurses, people you have to know (like the pilot of the helicopter)), but it's happening 'cause of what's happening to you, and you don't feel too weird about it

you felt safe and not frightened, just says you didn't expect all this, and it's weird in some ways but you were having fun

She rocks!! Just goes to show that my body isn't the only thing hard at work right now. It is all so COOL!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

'nother odd dream

I figure that I might want to keep track of these. My dreams have been a little odd even for me lately. I am having 2 or 3 every night that I remember. The earlier dream was too disturbing, but I will say it looked like it was requiring a trip to the emergency room.

I am taking a plane trip, going somewhere that I want to stay for a while so I have a one way ticket. The plane ride was ok and I am waiting in the terminal for someone, my ex and his mother exit the plane, no one else that I know. I walk with them and I cant remember where I flew into. Some woman stops the ex and starts feeling on his arms and abs telling him what great shape he is in. I keep walking because I really dont want to be with them, but they hurry to follow me. We leave the terminal to find a rental car and I am looking for my ticket stub. I find my ticket stub for Hong Kong and a receipt with a crossword puzzle on the back. I cant remember where I was flying to or where I am.

The mother walking with me starts talking to me about how good I was for the ex and that she doesn't understand why I left. I keep telling her it is not my place to say, but that I am happy now. I am looking around and see Washington State road signs, I say I should have known by the smell referring to the damp and trees. We cross a dark under construction intersection and I see the rental car lot. We are walking around a building and this security guard appears asking for our IDs. I show him my government ID and then he hands me paperwork to fill out and some shiny change in Chinese. I reply to him that I have never seen Chinese coins that new. While he is looking at the ex's ID, I hand the crossword puzzle (the back of the receipt) to the exs mother and wake up.

Who said that??

Chicken is the potato chips of voodoo.

Odd dream

Now, if anyone has a clue on this one.. I am game to listen.

A prior male coworker, female high school classmate (lets call her Mel) and I are working for a company. The Mel plays the piano and I sing. We are currently in Hawaii and have to travel to a client in Texas. I hope in a boat and the other two hop into a helicopter. The male coworker is flying the helicopter and the helicopter PULLS the boat.

I am sitting in the boat, behind the helicopter, as we fly over the ocean. Now there is a little boy in the boat with me and we play patty cake and sing together. Mel climbs out of the helicopter into the boat with the boy and me.

Pretty quickly we are over Texas and have to fly over roads with street traffic. This part of the dream (in the traffic) seems to take much longer than traversing the ocean. Finally we land in a tire store parking lot and all four of us get out. The man starts to talk with a woman that owns the hotel above the tire store and Mel starts playing the piano in the middle of the parking lot. I am holding the little boy's hand.

The hotel owner tells us that Mel and I will have to share a room, which I am very unhappy about and I get back into the boat (still behind the helicopter) with the little boy. Mel, still playing the piano, hits a wrong key and I wake up.


Saturday, August 05, 2006


Men have become the tools of their tools. - Henry David Thoreau

Many, many ways to view this statement and yes, a man did say this.