Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Moving day

I have made the painfree decision to move this blog to another location. I really wanted to start adding pictures into my blogs. You can find me at http://kerensa-anamcara.blogspot.com/
And don't worry, eventually I will figure out the spacing better.

Thursday, January 25, 2007
Sleep... or nosleep as the case may be

The night before last I am pretty sure that between the two of us, DH and I were awake all night. It was two-hour tag team sleeping. DH took the first sleep shift and I am pretty sure he ended up with the last one too. We both gave up trying to sleep well before 7am. Which is a bit odd since it was a day off for DH. I was pretty lethargic all the rest of the day, then we had childbirth class.
I am both horrified and somewhat relieved at the class. Most of it was regarding pain medication and options. Just reinforcing that I want to avoid that mess. It did seem to clarify for DH some why I don't want a hospital birth.
She did give some welcome and well needed suggestions on natural birth induction. Something about lots of naked time and radio dials :) (little sisters MIGHT read this, they probably know of these, BUT it makes me feel better) I heard a distinct moan from DH. BUT I have duct tape.... which is how we got to this place anyway...
I guess that I need to mention that the last apointment with the CNM went well. My bloodpressure is cool and I halted the weight gain extravaganza from the previous month. Picked up admission paperwork and the birth registration packet. I am plotting to have DH work on them with the excuse (and truth) that doctors have better penmanship.. although it WOULD be fitting...I doubt they read that stuff anyway. I think it is just busy work.
So... last night, after the childbirth class, I was awake a little later than my normal 8pm crash. Once I fell asleep I did stay that was until 4:30a. DON'T gasp! That is a GOOD thing. A new sleeping record for me. I stayed asleep for more than 3 hours in one spell!!! :) Let me see... this one lasted about 6 hours!!!! I woke up thirsty as anything, but well rested!
I posted new pics last week of my knitting project. I finished a dragon over the weekend and am close to having an elephant done. I am excited about the expected arrival of a sewing machine, found a couple of cute patterns for nursing shirts. AND I finally ordered some plastic drinkware, the loss rate of glassware has been rather high lately. I suspect that my decrease in dexterity is a method to increase my patience in preparation for the little one's development. Weird... and don't tell mom... but I think it is working. I MIGHT also have learned to sit still. Not for long mind you. And "still" is a relative term of course.
I am SOO ready to be up and running again!!! Tuesday was a gorgeous day on the island. The ocean looked so very inviting. I tried to talk DH into putting a kayak together and finding an innertube for me to sit in while he paddled. That was about as popular as me trying to get him to let me play paintball. The mind is willing, the body unwieldy. I have PLANS though!!! Yes indeed... I am prepared. The jogging stroller is at mom's and I am eyeing an infant pfd.
Ok well... it is time for food now. Laters

Monday, January 15, 2007
An Ode to Toes

Ohh wonderful toes...with fast growing nails...
I know you are still there....
You exclaim your hurt when I hit corners with you....
Complain when I don't manage to get my socks on straight...

Ok yea.. that was bad, but you got the idea :)
The toes are still reachable... just takes a little more work! Feeling rather large lately... getting uncomfortable to sleep. Still walking, ok well more of a penguin like shuffle. I reach 33 weeks tomorrow.
Can't believe it is almost time to meet this little one. Any bets made yet on whether he will be early or late? On schedule is just to much to ask for.
I put two new pictures up, one of what I imagine myself to look like and the other is what I feel like... can you guess which is which?
I bought a jogging stroller from ebay. Starting to wonder if I can't maybe rig it up to use it earlier than they usually recommend. Duct tape is a miracle worker after all.
I am knitting away still :) I ordered some bright red and blue for the turtle blanket and am working to finish up a shrug that I started ages ago. Only one sleeve left to finish.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I wake up from my nap on Sunday... yea I do naps now... don't diss the naps!! The little guy is rthymically moving or my heart beat got r-e-a-l-l-y slow... I check... its not my heartbeat.
After about an hour of feeling light periodic movement... I figure maybe he wants some story from dad....(you know who you are). So dad is coerced into reading from the MAN.... Seuss of course.
Halfway through the most excellent of Seuss interpretations... I figure it out... and yell out..
HICCUPS... the little guy has the HICCUPS!!!!
He didn't seem too put out by them... the hiccups were pretty much the only movement for a couple of hours. Damn it was funny watching my belly jiggle!!!
DH finished up Seuss and we watched the belly quake for a while. Can you think of a better pastime on a Sunday afternoon??.. ok well... we already did that ;)
Appointment with the CNM today... I gained a little too much this last month, she wants me to keep a better watch on that, but other than that things look great! Little one is still head down, feels about the right size for his age and has a strong heartbeat. More good news is that she (the CNM) will not be going TDY near my date... so she will be available during birth :) Super HAPPY about that!! I feel that she really understands my misgivings about being in a hospital and will be the sane medical voice for me. She tried to drive the water birth with safety, but said they are really against it. I have some names that I am going to try to work a bit more. Wouldn't it be nice for moms-to-be to have more options?? I certainly think so!!
On another note... I FINALLY found a knitting project that I want to do for the little one. Scroll down to see the turtle blanket. http://www.littleturtleknits.com/pages/everyonepatterns.php I have gotten started on it with some colors left over from a wild colored afghan :)

Monday, January 01, 2007

I posted a new pic of DH and I. Just look at those smiles... so happy and relaxed... yea... We have NO clue!!!
Take a good look, might be one of the last times that we look like we have had enough sleep. Right now the little one is a might wiggly, but somehow I doubt he is going to fall and hurt something. He is also rather quiet... except for the times when he kicks so hard that I squeal. And really can you blaim him? He is a bit cramped in there and we all know my propensity for being still.
Today we are a nice looking clueless couple with enough sleep. In two months... the world will turn upside down and nothing, yet everything will be the same.
That soo cool!!
I don't know about you, but I am not making any resolutions this year. I can't read the future and know what it going to happen. About all that I know is that my family will alter in unforeseeable ways and we will be living somewhere else in this world by the end of the year.
For now, we read Dr Seuss to my bellybutton and get sleep.
Enjoy the new year!!

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