Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Roomate

Well...a roomate has moved in. Not a really talkative gal. Very quiet, doesn't make much of a mess and doesn't eat much. She just moves from here to there and looks cute. I did the dishes today, but I seem to make her climb the walls all the same. She keeps avoiding me... I ask, why move in if you just want to hang in the corner quietly. Typical... I get no response.

Sadly geckos, while cute littel critters, aren't very good conversationalists. One appears to have taken up residence in the bedroom and a larger one in the living room. They are known for their good luck, so maybe I'll just stick with that.

I tried to find a garlic bagel and cream cheese today.... it just sounds soooo good. No luck.. I might have to start scoping out the Starbucks around here... Yes, Starbucks on Oki.. I know a shocker. Although, who in their right mind wants hot coffee in 90 degree heat and 90% humidity. I said RIGHT MIND.... my husband doesn't fall into that category, after all he does like olives... weirdo. Olives weren't made to be EATEN, everyone knows they only exist for use in olive oil. On the upside, there is a rumor going around that I AM going to the Irish pub for some GOOD fried fish later this week. I think the gecko gal started it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Japanese Neil Diamond

Do I really need to say anything more than that?

Here I am, innocently eating at a psuedo-mexican restaurant and playing over the speakers is Neil Diamond in Japanese. freaky...

Then I walk outside, having managed to eat. Parked next to me is a zebra Landcruiser. Ok so I have to ask myself... Okinawa isn't really known for zebras and already a landcruiser is the largest nonmilitary vehicle on island... What more could possibly be done to make this vehicle more visible?? (Besides the obvious answer of adding boobies to it somehow)

Ok that reminds me of seeing an okinawan lady with boobs a few weeks ago. I mean this lady was stacked. An american size 0 would look like a plus size on her and she had boobs... not something one sees everyday on this island of the tiny people. Seriously... I'm TALL here, yes TALL. In a crowd, I can easily see over pretty much everyone. It is actually rather fun.

Serial Dreams

OK.. ok so this is a blog on dreams. That is only because my real life is much too interesting and I am not ready to share. Yes.. I am mean that way. Just ask my family :)

Lately I fall asleep and find myself in the same place only a little further in time. For some unknown reason, I am back in school with real lectures and classrooms. My schedule is interesting. I am in history, statistics, literature and some class that just doesn't make much sense. I have gone through the first week of classes and for some reason I became busy and didn't attend for two weeks. Luckily for me the school doesn't take attendance, but now I have a exam in statistics and I am trying to figure out what material was covered. Needless to say, I am behind. Between trying to catch up, wondering why I am in school and why I am missing two weeks, I stay off balance during the recent episodes.

Maybe it is a sign of things to come. Athough, trying to recall the last time I felt things were under some semblance of order or control gives me a headache.

Ohh and I am writing a little again. Fascinating stories with a life of their own, as usual. One of these days, maybe I'll get the nerve to do something with them in a less private manner. What I write feels very raw and naked, they will stay tucked away for a while longer.

Mom sent me a box a little while ago. I love boxes from mom, they are probably stranger than the ones that I send out :) Go figure. She sent me a number of Dr Seuss books. One in particular I remember reading over and over and over (well you get the idea) to my bubby when I was still taller. Quite a while ago as you can image. He loved that story and I still remember all the voices I made up for him. Too bad we don't have a video of his little dance :) And people wonder why he is so fun?! Sis and I played with him ALL the time, he is so sweet! Love you bubby!!!

This is the last week of August. Give me a couple more weeks and maybe I will be ready to share. Of course, nothing says you have to read. In my little world, I mostly talk with myself anyway. So it's all good.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Okinawa Indigo

Today I got to play in blue organic dye "Ryukyu Ai" made from a native Okinawan plant. The color was incredibly rich.

Also went to a Bashofu studio which is a banana fiber thread. Women harvest the banana and after soaking in hot wood ash water, they spin the fiber into a thread. They may dye the thread, possibly using the blue indigo and weave a patterned fabric. A Bashofu kimono takes 4 to 6 months to complete and more than 200 banana plants. Such a handmade kimono will cost one million yen or about ten thousand dollars. The studio retains the centuries old technique, continuing to teach new people and offering a beautiful Okinawan handicraft.

The textiles they offer here are beautiful in pattern, color and effort. They are also quite expensive.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Political Names and Food

Here is a thought. Why is Senator Hillary Clinton typically called Hillary in the news when Senator Fancy Pants is called Senator Fancy Pants, Senator Pants or Mr. Pants?

Is this a way to make Senator Clinton more likeable or does it reduce her professionalism?

On to more urgent matters. I made a strawberry limeade today :) I have been thinking about strawberry limeades for a week now. It was a little chunky since I have no blender. I just might have to remedy that.

The current craving... gyros. I have NO idea how I am going to handle this one. I know that I will only be able to eat four or five bites of one, but those bites would be WONDERFUL.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Family tossing dream

I was riding in my great uncles car and he picks up two teenage girls, one of whom is upset. The two girls start talking in their roundabout way and I learn that one of them has had unprotected sex for first time and she is worried that she might be pregnant. They discuss how she cant talk with her parents and what it was like. Evidently the other girl had never had sex before.

I interrupted the conversation and expressed some concern. The girl started to look very scared and knew enough to know that she did need some help. She began to cry. I gave her my number and told her that I would help her or get her in touch with those who could. My great uncle dropped the other girl off and this girl asked if she could be dropped off elsewhere. She begins to talk with me more and I am finding out that she first had sex a couple of weeks earlier. She was able to get the morning after pill, but was afraid to use it.

My great uncle pulls up into his driveway and I tell him that we will keep talking. He hurried off into the house. I keep the girl talking and let her know that I will listen and make sure that she gets information that she needs. I ask her if she is okay to go back home and she says that she is. As we get out of the car, the family starts pouring out of the house. One of the women comes up to us and starts yelling at the girl that she is going to hell and that she is wicked, among other things. I grab the relative by the clothes and toss her towards the house, telling all of them to get back and I am talking with the girl, they can keep out of it. I tell the girl to start walking home. I tell the family to stay away, that they are not being productive and I start to walk toward the girl to catch up. A couple more relatives follow, one starts yelling at her again and I grab the woman and tell her she is not helpful and toss her toward to house, the other relative reminds me of Ann and she comes up and gives both the girl and I hugs and tells up she loves us and to stay safe. Here I wake up feeling that I have just manage to alienate myself from half of my family and scared for the girl that it will get worse before it gets better.

The family seemed to be kind of a mix of people, a couple appeared to be similar to actual relatives from both of my parents families. This dream makes me angry that people want to enforce their beliefs on others that need only help and information. The girl was lost. Yes, she did not make the best decision, but it was an understandable and common decision based partially on lack of knowledge. I am totally pro-education. Additional decisions are the persons responsibility. No one else has their life. My dreams do touch on lighter subjects I certainly have a rich dream life. I wonder just how much dreams affect the whole body?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thinking ahead

I have the greatest idea for a Halloween costume!! You have to wait to see, but I'll post pictures.

The answer is yes, I have a lot of time on my hands. I hit the gym, eat and sleep. Of course, the dryer is broken.

My little brother started medical school this week!! Congrats BUBBY!!! That is awesome!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Dreams making sense now

My wonderful aunt helped me out with my dream of the boat/helicopter ride. Asking me questions about how I was feeling and the relationship that I had with the different people. Here are her comments.

no grounding, no water, pulled along by something you have no control over but are distantly attached to. you were doing all these things that you didn't have a choice in.....with all these people you're loosely connected with, but loose ties (like doctors, nurses, people you have to know (like the pilot of the helicopter)), but it's happening 'cause of what's happening to you, and you don't feel too weird about it

you felt safe and not frightened, just says you didn't expect all this, and it's weird in some ways but you were having fun

She rocks!! Just goes to show that my body isn't the only thing hard at work right now. It is all so COOL!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

'nother odd dream

I figure that I might want to keep track of these. My dreams have been a little odd even for me lately. I am having 2 or 3 every night that I remember. The earlier dream was too disturbing, but I will say it looked like it was requiring a trip to the emergency room.

I am taking a plane trip, going somewhere that I want to stay for a while so I have a one way ticket. The plane ride was ok and I am waiting in the terminal for someone, my ex and his mother exit the plane, no one else that I know. I walk with them and I cant remember where I flew into. Some woman stops the ex and starts feeling on his arms and abs telling him what great shape he is in. I keep walking because I really dont want to be with them, but they hurry to follow me. We leave the terminal to find a rental car and I am looking for my ticket stub. I find my ticket stub for Hong Kong and a receipt with a crossword puzzle on the back. I cant remember where I was flying to or where I am.

The mother walking with me starts talking to me about how good I was for the ex and that she doesn't understand why I left. I keep telling her it is not my place to say, but that I am happy now. I am looking around and see Washington State road signs, I say I should have known by the smell referring to the damp and trees. We cross a dark under construction intersection and I see the rental car lot. We are walking around a building and this security guard appears asking for our IDs. I show him my government ID and then he hands me paperwork to fill out and some shiny change in Chinese. I reply to him that I have never seen Chinese coins that new. While he is looking at the ex's ID, I hand the crossword puzzle (the back of the receipt) to the exs mother and wake up.

Who said that??

Chicken is the potato chips of voodoo.

Odd dream

Now, if anyone has a clue on this one.. I am game to listen.

A prior male coworker, female high school classmate (lets call her Mel) and I are working for a company. The Mel plays the piano and I sing. We are currently in Hawaii and have to travel to a client in Texas. I hope in a boat and the other two hop into a helicopter. The male coworker is flying the helicopter and the helicopter PULLS the boat.

I am sitting in the boat, behind the helicopter, as we fly over the ocean. Now there is a little boy in the boat with me and we play patty cake and sing together. Mel climbs out of the helicopter into the boat with the boy and me.

Pretty quickly we are over Texas and have to fly over roads with street traffic. This part of the dream (in the traffic) seems to take much longer than traversing the ocean. Finally we land in a tire store parking lot and all four of us get out. The man starts to talk with a woman that owns the hotel above the tire store and Mel starts playing the piano in the middle of the parking lot. I am holding the little boy's hand.

The hotel owner tells us that Mel and I will have to share a room, which I am very unhappy about and I get back into the boat (still behind the helicopter) with the little boy. Mel, still playing the piano, hits a wrong key and I wake up.


Saturday, August 05, 2006


Men have become the tools of their tools. - Henry David Thoreau

Many, many ways to view this statement and yes, a man did say this.

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