Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Well folks.. I am one step away from fatty pants. The doc declared my gut an official pooch now. I was able to hear the little swimmer's heartbeat and I think the little booger is in training for a marathon. Josh and I are going to have our hands full!

My new school term is well underway. I am planning a research paper on the effect of trust in teams, this is a short one at 5-7 pages of content.

I am also getting students to tutor. I certainly like having the little trickle of money coming in and so far they all have a good interest in the subject, which helps immensely.

The weather has cooled off some here and I am doing my walking outside now instead of staring at the same suspicious spot on the gym floor. In fact, right now I am trying to work up to going out for another walk tonight. I am torn between that or a nap. I did a lot of research work today and 2 hours on geometry. I got to explain what a tightrope was to a chinese girl today. One doesn't really think about culture differences in textbooks, but there you have it. A whiteboard would be really handy, I like to draw examples.

I am venturing to buy the first piece of baby furniture... a little dresser. It might have to double as a stuff place and changing table, which works for me. I have had a couple of comments on the weirdness of me not wanting to move on base for more space. We all know, except me apparently, that a baby needs its own room and tons upon tons of gear. Makes me wonder what we did before plastic?? I am figuring a good sturdy box with a pillow will work nicely for a crib. ( If you believe that... we really need to have a talk.) But really...the big thing that I remember about little ones is the incessant need to change clothing every half hour or so. It is so warm here that I see a lot of nudity going on.

The nap won... later.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Shopping *not for the timid or easily embarrased*

Well I did it... today I ventured into a store and browsed for clothing. I even made a (maternity wear) purchase. Why you ask? good question. The blouse only cost $4. I can't make a shirt that takes 16 yards of material for $4.

I have an interesting observation on the designers of maternity clothing. They have a sense of humor. It obviously is not enough to display the belly lump proudly, but they design these shirts for maximun cleavage exposure and triple lump display. The maternity bally doll shirt...that front isn't one large mass... nooooo....It is THREE large masses, because it is important to show off the extra growth for breast feeding and we wouldn't want anyone to get confused which lumps are which.

Another observation... the hospital delivers more than 90 babies a month. Thats a lot of babies and a lot of women needing maternity clothing. I found two racks of maternity clothing... TWO. One for pants (all hideous by the way) and one for blouses (please see the above lump commentary). The other thing to note is that military spouses aren't often small women to begin with. Given the number of pregant chicks on the island (with extra lump growth) and the number of large women (ditto), one would think that there existed a bra with a cup size larger than D. Just one...Ain't happening people. Forget shopping off base for bras, the large cup is a B, ok to be fair they probably have C.

Due to the growing concern, I am going to proceed with my experiment on duct tape bras. They make everything else from the stuff and just think of the support. Although I can't imagine it being very comfortable in this heat. But look I'm not the only one that has thought about it!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Soggy... oh so Soggy...

It is raining... again. The humidity varies between 89% and raining. The dryer is broken. As usual there is a silver lining... it is just worn REALLY thin.

I like Okinawa, so far it is really driven me to want to remain living overseas, much to the chagrin of family. Today for example..Today was SOOO quiet. I really like quiet today. I am hormonal moody and today was a good day for quiet.

My courses for this term started and I am pretty excited by them. Both the professors appear to really want to engage with the class and elicite productive discussions. Systems engineering texts are a little dry to read, but the ethical considerations are fascinating. I also ran across new biometric research for using thought patterns as passwords for security. There are too many movies of people losing fingers or eyes for me to be interested in jobs requiring strong security. But brain waves seem to me a little harder to steal. There is always torture, but I imagine that kind of stress would impact the pattern matching results. Is it possible?? why not?? People are using brain waves to control prosthetic devices.

Ohh and don't worry. I am still have crazy dreams, but I am thinking of writing a horror book from them and don't want to ruin the surprise.

Now I need to go see if my laundry is dry yet. I am saving the dishes for tomorrow.

PS. I am running out of books again. I only have three for this next week.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drum Roll Please....

It seemed like a good idea at the time. It certainly seems like a better idea than it seemed last week, but then you try eating when every thing seems repulsive and it tries to leave the way it went it and see how you feel!

We have left the first trimester.. and entered into the next phase...someone really needs to come up with better names. How about we call the first trimester... omgurgh... come on.. it will take some practice, but better explains what is going on. Can you do better?? The second trimester is still under observation.

I don't have the insane need for sleep. In fact, that ended over the weekend when I stayed awake until past 2am and managed to sleep until 7:30am. Food is no longer repulsive, instead I have a driving need to eat something/anything every 2-3 hours.

Hubby will be home soon. He didn't miss anything, trust me on that one. If I could have arranged to not be with myself... I would have taken that up in a heartbeat. I am still undecided as to whether I am worth being around yet.

The little one is about 3 inches long and so far... doesn't like Dr. Pepper. I am still rather offended by that. I was only having 2-3 cans a week. Now the idea makes me want to retch.

I haven't gained any weight yet, but am starting to lose my waist. I figure the pictures will get interesting in the next month or so. Other changes aren't really fit for this forum, but people in the know are aware of my distaste for my new... ahhh... attributes.

Due date is March 6.... that would be one day AFTER my birthday (personally I am shooting for late Feb, I want to meet the Dr. Pepper hating booger, but know I really don't get a say in that decision)

Girl or Boy?? Don't care.... no really...I DON'T CARE. Hubby wants the little one delivered with a job and toilet trained. Take a wild guess what I want.... (hint Dr. Pepper) I don't have a gender preference... really!! Can you tell how often I get asked that question? Ok, so the amount is relative to how much I allow anyone to speak with me (NOT OFTEN). I think I have heard it more often than "how are you"... sad huh!?

The word is out. I am not wearing a sign yet, but figure the eventual waddle will be indicator enough. No scheduled next pic yet, but will be sometime in early to mid October (baby not me).

If you want to know the sex.. ask Hubby. I am going to tell you it is a puppy and grin as you walk away in disgust. (Just so you don't worry so much, yes I am excited and I do blather on to my family about the wittle toes. There, I wrote it once. Don't expect me to type it again)