Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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Monday, October 23, 2006

The Belly Button Chronicles - Part 1

This is the first of a multipart series on my belly button. The belly button is a rather innocuous part of anatomy that becomes most fascinating during pregnancy. The belly button can be likened to the pop out timer on the Thanksgiving turkey. The significance of it popping out might be construed as small, but only to those that haven't experienced the changing nature of the belly button.

Used to be, I had to work some in order to keep it quite clean. The belly button in its natural state has many nooks and crannies that are fairly challenging to reach. Mine no longer has that problem.

My belly button currently has only one wrinkle that has to be managed to adequately remove all the lint build up. My finger also fits quite nicely in there now.

Never had my belly button seemed so fascinating. I suspect this is only true, because it is one piece of anatomy that I will be able to see throughout the baking of our impending baby boy. Ok, I know I will still be able to see my hands, but who wants to watch the swelling?? The other reason is for the belly buttons increasing ease in care and I'm pretty sure that is unique to the state of pregnancy.

The question is… Will I have an outie at some point? Evidently not all women do. http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/belly_button/belly_button_pregnancy.htm

And it appears that for some it can stay an outie. I think it will be cool to have an outie at least for a little while, but for the time I am enjoying cleaning my belly button without the usual gymnastics to reach all the crannies.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Baby Ward

Josh and I went to the ultrasound appointment today. I had been very concerned that the baby was not mine.... it is all good, they were sure. Something about the fact that it is in my uterus. By the way check out this funky picture http://www.med-ars.it/gynecology/1.htm... weird.

We got to see the baby's heart, brain, kidneys, knees ... it is official.... it is human. Not only is it mine, but it is human. Talk about the odds of that!!

Ok.. I'm stalling, but I am damn good at it! The lady was poking around and discovered boy parts between the legs. Another lady came in and said, "ohh a turtle!" Man... this is a hospital, I guess P-E-N-I-S is a bad word. So the wee little one is a boy baby. I am ordering my full body wet suit as we speak.

Josh and I discussed names last night for a while. The leading names are Voltron, Optimus Prime or Mothra. uhuh... yea... I'm taking beer to the delivery and gonna get him good and stinking drunk!!!

The ultrasound pics they printed were too dark to get good scans. He seemed to have slept thtrough the entire proding and poking... Sound familiar??

So blue is the color and the only barbies will probably be headless. Its all good!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

BAD Attitude

I officially dub today as BAD attitude day!! I am having a perfectly good morning, the weather is nice, I found a shirt that looks pretty good and the stock market went up. All that.... and I am pissy!!! I feel pumped full of too much energy and no outlet. (read that as no one to beat up with a baseball bat)

I even got a box in the mail today and everyone KNOWS how much I like to get mail. I think it is a flashback to the cute mailman when I was 4 and those awesome National Geographic World magazines that mom used to get for me. Speaking of mailmen... the mailmen here ( I can say that, I haven't seen any femail carriers) ride these freaky cool red scooters. I so want one of those scooters!!!

Anyway... I'm pissy. Going to go open my box now and imagine myself this time next year back in my little jeans.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Women of the world unite...

Rest assured ladies that there will be one constant where ever you may travel in the world.... You will find a line to the ladies' restroom.

It appears there is a global shortage on women's bathroom stalls. I have no answer to this, perhaps it is a test to see how long we will hold out before we take over the men's room. Perhaps the truth is that men really don't use public restrooms. Can't say I blaim them really. The Japanese solve the ewww issue in their own way. They don't have many sit on toilets, instead they have a ingound urinal... you squat. You'd think aim would be an issue, but surprisingly the fact that women can't aim... is not entirely true. There is some biological basis for this fallacy, but depending on who is doing the measuring... only a tiny bit. (Sorry .. it sounded funnier that way.)

My husband is home. I get to share again. Which is ok.. most of the time. Somehow he managed to avoid the jetlag problem. I think it had to do with midnight classes for a few months. It is nice having him home, but if anyone is feeling generous, please send candles.... men do smell. (I prefer lavender.)

The next ultrasound of the lil' bugger is next week!! I am so excited to be able to see the baby again and this time Josh gets to be with me. Awesome!! I am feeling the lil' bugger move some, either that or it is really bad gas.

Josh is contributing to the name list, so far he has supplied Megaman, Voltran and Mothra. What do you think??

I think that I'm going to be selecting the name.

Well.. I am hungry. Later