Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Road Trip

Look at this great piece of fabric that I came across! I plan to turn this into a playmat/toybag for a traveling piece of fun.

We are moving this November back to the states and I have been thinking of ways to make the long, long move more fun. Of course, within the restrictions that the toys be *quiet* toys, not too heavy AND entertaining. Given that LO is not yet a year, that combination is rather challenging. His favorite toys right now are crinkly paper and his toes. Toes are easy... they pack up nicely. Crinkly paper... not so much. It is fun and light, but very noisy.

DH and I found a soft vehicle collection and thus the idea for a traveling playmat was born. Yes, you might say there are ALREADY travel playmats out there. And you are right, but the ones that I found are all vinyl or nylon and didn't close up very well to carry toys. LO's playmat will be unique! Nice cotton fabric to play on and a cool bag to hold all the toys quickly.

Check back to see how this magic unfolds!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

My flakey husband...

DH enjoys calling me a treehugger. Who am I to argue? There are many ways to travel in this life and I would like to think that my presence here left the world better off than I found it. I also happens that many of these things that reduce environmental impact are also healthier for our bodies... go figure... a system that works!

To this end, I use cloth hand towels, cloth diapers, nontoxic home cleaners, and recycle items when I can. This isn't the end of the list, but an example.

Given our move back to the states, the rising cost of gas and the male inclination to tinker, DH is looking into a bio diesel or even cooking oil as a fuel source for a vehicle.

I am all for it. Not only can it reduce the impact on our pocket book, lower reliance on fossil fuels AND keep money out of the Bush family, but it also indicates that DH has moved up the crunchy scale in life.

I frequent a mothering forum and posed the questions of crunchy levels. I asked if this rise in environmental awareness moved him to flakey. He isn't crunchy yet, he does still have this addiction to plastic water bottles and zip lock bags. BUT he is clearly moving up the scale from gas guzzling lead foot.

What I discovered on this forum is that many minds have given this a great deal of though before I have. And there is a crunchy hierarchy. Flakey isn't on it, which is too bad, but it goes something like this. Soggy, chewy, crispy and crunchy. Other suggestions include crunchy curious, for those exploring but not ready to commit. Sorta crunchy for those that try, but haven't made the last leap and al dente a little firm to the bite, but not crunchy.

DH is no longer soggy... I would guess that he has moved to chewy at this point. I still think it is funny to call him a flake though.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The physics of the family bed

The beginning of bed sharing is always an adventure.

I am a futon on the floor kinda person, enjoying hanging partially off the bed. I also generate enough heat that unless there are icicles IN the room, blankets just end up on the floor. I am also a very light sleeper, can't tolerate noise, no TV, no radio...nothing.

Now it is hard for me to say what dh alone sleeping habits are, but I imagine a pillow fort, TV on, and every available blanket on the bed.

Picturing the scenario? Throw the two of onto a queen size platform bed and let the fun begin.

But don't let the fun stop there. I am a firm believer in attachment parenting. I mean, the little one spent his first nine months IN my body. I can't shock him into sleeping all alone...just can't do it. So.. little one has joined us in the bed.

There are upsides..I don't have to open my eyes to nurse him, just get a boob close enough that he can latch on. When he gets wiggly, I can put him over his little potty and he usually is back asleep before he finishes peeing... so no sitting in his own waste. AND evidently he is as much of a cuddler as I am! :)

BUT how a person under 20 pounds can take up half the bed AND still be pressed against me...I will never know. So here we are.

DH bundled up under umpteen blankets on a third of the bed. LO with half the bed, yet in the lake we generate together. Yes.. lake. He is as warm as I am in the bed. Together we generate enough heat to thaw Canada, if not completely melt all the icebergs.

Now my math is pretty good. I can still work out advanced calculus problems, but one half and one third end up equalling me with a cheek off the bed. And we aren't talking the rosy kind.

I wouldn't have it any other way!! I love waking up to my two men snoring and farting peacefully next to me. VERY much worth needing the bungee cords to avoid falling out of bed.

You figure the physics...I am going to go cuddle!!:)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Fine Art of Changing a Poopy Diaper

It has long been a long disputed question, whether it is better to clean from the outside going in the inside going out. Now those of you with LOs know what I am talking about. Not every poopy diaper is completely contained. No matter sposie or cloth, no matter how large or small, or even how many times you managed to wrap that sucker around the LO. There are poops and there are POOPS.

This morning LO rented out space in his cloth diaper to the neighborhood. Oh yea, you KNOW what I am talking about admit it. That massive.. how in the world can you make THAT much poop, POOP.

As I am cleaning hands, toes, and belly button, being thankful that his ears managed to stay clean, I wonder if it makes more sense to start at the outer edges and clean going in or tackle the big mess first and go out.

Usually, in the case of a poop of this volume starting at the center is a little intimidating...OK truth be told it is downright scary. So I start at the edges and work my way to the center as I drum up the courage to tackle the POOP.

Another forunate thing is that LO is a bf (breastfed) baby. I am told that their poops are quite nice compared to ff (formula fed) baby poops. I hope that I NEVER have to see THAT!!!

Giant Species Discovered on Small Ryukyu Island

Today was the first day in three, read it, THREE months that it was cool enough to risk opening the windows. Low and behold, as going about morning duties, I looked down to discover this furry creature gliding across my foot. It appears that LO (Little One) and I are not the only ones coming out to enjoy the cooler air.

I won't say that it is bigger than a breadbox, but it is certainly the largest of its type that I have ever encountered. LO and I observed it for a while and decided that we needed a family pet. Just look at the benefits...It is soft and furry (no it is not DH), eats little and what it does eat you really don't want anyway. So we ventured to the 100 yen store to get a home for the new addition.

On the way back, LO and I discussed names and after tossing around the obvious names of Fluffy, Buttons and Ralph we decided to call it "Spike". Spike was surprisingly amiable to capture. We simply opened his home and with a little tickle of air, he floated right in.

Now...here is LO and Spike, his first pet.

Yea... LO looks worried. I tried explaining that Spike doesn't eat little boys, but hey when faced with a species of that magnitude can you blaim him?

Do you think will will have any difficulty moving Spike with us during our PCS? I am not up on how well this species travels or what effect a 12-14 hour flight might have on him.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Conspiracy Uncovered

The Conspiracy Uncovered
While gazing at my son sleeping, the truth behind "eyes in the back of mom's head" struck me. But let us step back a moment.

I am not a person to sit still, until recently I did not know the meaning of the word nap. When people tell you that your life will never be the same after having children, they both seriously over AND under estimate the truth at the same time. Everything stays the same. You are still the person you always were and enjoy the same things. BUT at the same time, everything changes. This is a phenomenon that I can only partially address as my son is napping right now and I am fighting the strong pull to go gaze at him.

No doubt that I ask of my mom all the important questions in life, such as...when did I first yadda yadda and do you ever get used to such and such. Well the first question I can answer with regards to napping...I was 34 when I took my first nap. yup "34" And believe me when I tell you that I WANTED that nap like I want... well... I do feel the need to keep this PG... chocolate. I think mom dropped the phone when I told her that I wanted a nap and I could hear my little sis in the background asking if anyone knew rescue breathing. yea... I don't nap...

To the second question sets of questions, I look at my mom as the expert. She survived all her children and we survived her. There are two still at home, so it COULD change. Then youngest one is trying her hardest to bring about nonsurvival. So I asked her if I would ever get used to being a mommy. I get a LOONG pause. Good sign that means no. I can deal with never getting used to it as long as I know that I won't. I also asked her if she ever got over staring....make that gazing at your children. She quickly replied no, you just get better at hiding it.

Ahh... do you follow me now? So it isn't a matter of eyes in the back of mom's head, but rather the fascination at this little life brought into this world and the wonder at what they will do next. This, combined with the fact that mom has to hide the gazing from the child or get "what", "what", "what" until you can think of a reason for gazing or quickly show them something shiny, is the truth behind the extra eyes.

So...what does this great epiphany mean?

Absolutely. It is time for me to go back and gaze at my perfect little man sleeping. :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Little One's adventure

Well.. Little One has been pushing and pushing for me to share his adventure story. He feels typing is beneath him right now, thus he talked me into posting for him.

Mom went out for a walk leaving Dad and I to fend for ourselves for an hour or so. Rather than sit around and discuss how cool and handsome we are, I convinced Dad to go on an outing. A little bird had told me that grandma likes frog legs. The two things just add up to a nice adventure... so out we got... frogging.

We grabbed our frog hunting gear and slipped out to the gay cat park. (You have to ask Mom about that one, I for one don't see many happy cats.) It was a dark and spooky night, Dad said you have to watch out for the gay cats. We could hear the frogs, but everytime we got close they got quiet. Must have been the sneezing...

I handed Dad a hanky... lo and behold we caught ourselves a couple of frogs!! Of course, you know the only good way to eat frog legs is to fry them and grandma said they were delicious!!

Mom comes back from her walk and takes a couple of whiffs. Not saying a word she walks over and lights a couple of candles. I guess she doesn't care for fried frog legs??

So, if you come visit us please bring some candles for Mom, because that was an adventure worth repeating. Mom promised not to censor my stories, we will see how that holds up when I finish writing my ode to boobies!!


And all this time I thought it was gas??! It does explain both the smell and why DH looks tired when I get back from my walks. Who knew?

Monday, April 2, 2007

You know you are tired when...

you try to lace up slip on shoes.

it takes four trips to the clothes washer to put in the dirty washcloth.

you try to make a PB&J... without bread.

you call you son by the dog's name and you don't have a dog anymore.

you want to shave your head to cut down on shower time.

the bed sheet has been peed on, but you know it will dry so you lie back down.

it takes three trips to the closet to get a shirt...that is in the dresser.

you put toothpaste on your hairbrush.

you forget when you last breastfed...the little one is still on your nipple.

I will leave it to you to guess which ones happened...because I am not telling.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Belly Button Chronicles - Final Part

The belly button has returned to its previous state. Now don't get me wrong... I don't miss not being able to see my toes or the inability, despite my pregnancy ninja stealthiness, to put my pants on while standing up, but it WAS nice to wash the flat belly button.

I jumped for joy at being in my normal pants... AND putting them on without sitting down!! I cheered at the thought that I COULD drink a DR. Pepper without gagging... if only they didn't still taste and smell disgusting. I positively giggled at sleeping on my stomach... at least I can right after I have fed little one. Any sooner would require a sheet change, but that is ok, because I CAN lie on my stomach. Instead of waking up every three hours to pee... I wake up every three hours to aim a large nipple at a very small mouth. One would THINK that I would be adjusted to the sleep disturbance, but before I could stumble around and then collapse back into bed. Now I must have a smidgen of dexterity and wake up well enough to remember the side that I need to start little one on (no small task and not always accomplished).

It was an interesting journey for my belly button and me. One that I can conceive of repeating, just not this week. Fortunately my dh is in complete agreement. At least I THINK it is fortunate. Although a bit stressful on my part as the drive is back. I have been told in no uncertain terms that I don't get touched until there is some bc in place. So much for my new exercise discovery for rock hard abs. I guess that I need to find a different technique for a while.

Little one is the absolute coolest person, place and thing EVER. Nothing else can get me excited about poop and he excels at this so incredibly well! I won't even begin on the fact that I actually call it "poop" now.

He just makes me think WOW!! Then I get stuck. Everything and nothing has changed at the same time. Seriously... how COOL is that?!

Ethan’s Birth Story

Here it is (As I remember it)

On Wednesday Feb 28 at 7pm I started having contractions between 7 and 10 minutes apart. They lasted all night and I was able to sleep through them on and off. I was in and out of the bathtub during the night for relaxation. At 5am March 1, I had what I thought to be bloody show and my contractions changed to 5 minutes apart. I was not particularly uncomfortable and Josh went in to work planning to be home around lunch.
Around 11am, the contractions became more intense and I called Josh to ask when he would be home. I felt the need to have him home, but it was not urgent. Josh came home about noon. All morning I had been starting small projects, puzzles, a bit of knitting and organizing. Josh found little piles of things that I had been doing scattered around the house. He helped me through contractions when I needed him. My older sister, Amy, called at 1pm and we spoke for a little while. I lost track of the conversation a few times as contractions came. Again that day I was in and out of the hot bath, using it to relax.
Some time later I told Josh that I needed more help through contractions. They were becoming more intense and uncomfortable. He started taking things down to the car to be ready to go to the hospital. When I had one contraction that I became unsure that I could labor without pain medication, I asked Josh to call the hospital and tell them we wanted to come in. The doctor on call told him to wait until the contractions were closer together and that would likely be a couple more hours. When Josh hung up the phone I had four contractions a minute a part and wanted to push. I told Josh that I wanted to push and he said “Let’s go.”
It was hard to get down the stairs and get into the car, sitting in the car was even tougher. I don’t remember much of the drive. I was trying not to push. Part way through Kadena AB I heard a siren and Josh said something, then started yelling out the window that I was in labor. The police came over the intercom telling him to pull over. Josh pulled over in the baseball diamond parking lot and was yelling out the car that I was in labor. I told him that I was ok, he was rather excited.
A fire truck pulled up and six or so men hopped out, then just stood around at a bit of a distance. One came closer and asked me what week of pregnancy I was on, then shouted back to get oxygen on me. I looked at him and asked why I needed oxygen, I was breathing fine, just ready to have a baby. He said something about keeping me and the baby safe. Then someone asked if I was crowning and the fireman cut off my pj pants and shouted that I was crowning. I asked if my baby had hair, but no one answered.
Then a gurney was there and they helped me get onto the gurney and loaded it into an ambulance. The EMT told Josh to get in the front and the lady kept saying “Don’t push baby girl.” I think at some point I asked her if she was crazy or kidding. Everyone was shouting at he driver to go faster.
Then the gurney was being lifted out. The lady at my head smashed her finger as she lifted me out. I was wheeled into another room and moved to a different bed. They lifted my behind up on something. I looked around and there had to be fifteen or so people in the room.
A woman comes to my right and starts to put an IV in me, Cmdr Larson stops her and tells her that I don’t need it. I remember Cmdr Larson telling me that she told me not to wait until I was ready to push. I think I grinned at her.
A man next to me started telling me over and over to push. The urge wasn’t there so I ignored him. Then the urge came and boy did I push. Then he said to push more lightly and I did that and then he asked for one more and I felt a great rush of fluid and relief. Then my baby boy was screaming. I heard someone say that he was peeing.
There was a flurry of activity. Ethan was placed on me for a little bit and then moved. I tracked where he was and saw Josh with him. I was told to push again and did, delivering the placenta. Another nurse tries to give me pitocin and Larson again stops her.
Someone asked what the time of birth was and they settled with 1550 (3:50p).
Cmdr Larson hopped up on the bed and gave me a shot for pain, which stung very badly. She told me that I had a second degree tear and “skid marks”. She stitched me up.
The doctor, remember the one telling us to wait longer, chose that time to lecture me for waiting that long and that the next one I would have to have an induction?! Uhh yeah... like I WANT to labour in the hospital. I just nodded at him and asked for my little one back.

Then we were moved to labor and delivery until they had a recovery room ready for us.

We were famous. Lester does not deliver in the ER. The ER hates to see pregnant women. I kept hearing stories about people getting a weird page to go to the ER for a delivery. Who else gets their pants cut off by a fireman in public??

I had no needles stuck in me and needed two 800 milligram Ibuprofen. Ethan also had no shots; I refused the vitamin K and Hep shots. I also refused the eye ointment and circumcision. Both of us were discharged the next early evening to go home. Ethan and I were also interfered with very little. My thanks go to Cmdr Larson for smoothing the way for us and keeping procedures to an absolute minimum.

My mom was in Tokyo on her way to Okinawa as Ethan was born. Josh picked her up that evening and she got to meet Ethan that night and stayed with us for 3 weeks. The camera was forgotten in Josh’s car.

The story is more exciting with Josh and I both telling it. I just can't quite get the drama and flury in writing.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Part of the joy of parenthood is the proliferation of stuffed bears. Now a newborn is so small that quite often the bears are larger than the baby. And this is the case in our home as well.

While getting ready for work dh holds conversations with the little one and this morning was no different. As dh sips his coffee he makes the comment that little one is likely to be afraid of bears since all his toy bears are larger than he is.

This of course is in need of a long (pregnant) pause.

I personally think it is healthy to have a fear of bears. There aren't many bears that I can think it is a good idea to walk up to and give a hug.

To which dh replies, I only think the ones that are heavily foaming at the mouth are safe to hug. You know those are the REALLY happy ones.

At this point, I can only hope that our son will have a healthy dose of fear for all bears, not just the ones that aren't foaming at the mouth or are stuffed.

And here is the brainteaser for the day. Just how many blankets can an infant wet in a morning?



As many as you have. Did you really think there would be a different answer??

Monday, February 26, 2007

Definitely a monkey...

So DH and I keep insisting the little one is not a puppy. He turns out, however, to be a monkey. The little one is head first on my cervix and the ONLY thing keeping him in this point is the fact that he has wrapped his little legs around my ribs and is hanging on.

Now it is hard to chastise... I recall the appeal in this position from a variety of objects... trees, swings... and things that parents really don't want to know their children play on.

Given that we are NOT changing diapers, cleaning spit-up, wishing for a mute button or generally worrying that we have ruined his life before he can speak or focus more than twelve inches from his face, we do have it pretty good right now. Well, DH has it good. He is sleeping... no...not RIGHT this minute, but a significant number of minutes longer than I am sleeping, even given the so called "snoring" that he insists he is enduring.

And for those that keep tabs on my craft projects, here is a picture of Neko, the new Internet monitor that we employ (please don't tell immigrations). He was the candy monitor, but DH managed to get ahold of some chocolate. He has since been transferred into a new position.

Just look at the perfect meditation position and the immense calm that he displays... truly amazing.

This weekend is a full moon and a lunar eclipse. Certainly a must see in my book. I only know what time it will be viewable from Okinawa, but I am pretty sure that it is also viewable stateside. Check it out!

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Belly Button Chronicles - Part 3

Well it happened... sorta. Looks like no outie belly button for me, what I get is a VERY VERY flat one!

As I said before it is rather nice, no worries about lint collection!

I am going to miss having a flat belly button, rock hard abs and quiet.

We are at 38 weeks today, anytime now and we will have a little one... on the outside. It is a little crowded in that belly right now.

I had the BEST baby shower EVER in the history of baby showers!!! I hear it was amazingly fun and I am so very glad everyone had fun!!!

There were presents and present wrapping, food of course, games to play and a little geography lesson mixed in. So cool, what better way to enjoy a Saturday than to know there is a party going on!

I do have a birthday coming up... so if anyone needs a reason to party, I can't think of a better one :)

Today I practiced my hypnobirth CD, which is totally cool by the way. I am working on visualizing the hospital away and relaxing all that needs to be relaxed.

Ohh and DH's car is in the shop.... it appears to have been making funny noises. I suggested turning the radio off, but... got a funny look for some reason. He sure is going to LOVE the music that I will be playing at birthing. Well... honestly I doubt he will even notice.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rock hard abs *SECRET*

I have discovered a guaranteed and amazing way to develop ROCK HARD abs!!! No more hours and hours of crunches, no repetitive days at the gym doing the same focused exercises...

It is soo good to be true that I am not sure if I should share my secret here.

BUT here is my story...

For the last couple of weeks I noticed a significant increase in the firm quality to my abs. They are so tight and hard that one COULD bounce change on them. But I didn't spend a great deal of time to develop my amazing abs. In fact, I have been rather negligent lately in my crunch routine.


SEX… without birth control.

Yup… that’s it.

About eight and a half months ago, I landed the amazing sex technique that has developed lately into my amazing new abs. Well… of course I had help. It is a team sport after all ;)

All you have to do to see my amazing rock hard abs is to visit my photo album.

Don’t worry… I know that I am impressive!! People go out of their way to open doors, lift things for me and even have the courtesy to let me have the right-of-way through doors and up stairs. The abs are THAT amazing!!!

I bet you wish you had such awesome abs :)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

"I wanna be a skinny crack whore!"

My quote for the week. I am sure that it is easy to imagine why I am attached to that one right now. :) And just so you know, that is from the movie Jersey Girl.

So my rant for the week (hour)...

Men are illogical creatures.... no wait here is the tautology.

They say give the excuse they are hungry for not doing something... then they continue playing War Craft, PS2 or picking their toenails.

They say they are tired... read above.

They want it quiet in the car so that they may listen to the car noises... then they install an exhaust system that makes the 10yd radius around the car rattle and quake AND at the same time play some cacophony of random noise on the radio.

"Just a minute" equals either 20 minutes, a week from now or .... I'm tired.

"You are a bed hog" means I don't get to take up ALL the space on the bed.

And the current favorite. "I am not feeling well", "I am uncomfortable" or "I didn't sleep well (even though I snored ALL night, didn't make 4 trips to the bathroom and took all the blankets)".

When I am hungry, guess what I do??... yup.. EAT. Tired.. SLEEP. When I want it quiet... I don't turn on the TV or the radio or go for a ride in a noisy car.

Uhhuh...All sympathy has expired for the next two months... ALL of it. Which leads me back to the original favorite quote of the moment.

Let us analyze the quote...

"I wanna".... that means ME, not me and the little one I am cohabitating with or the illogical man stealing bed space.

"skinny"... means able to see my toes, put my pants while standing up, hell... WEAR normal pants, bra, shirt.....

"crack whore"... means have a beer, be irresponsible for a moment, have wild crazy sex, pee when I need to pee and not when my bladder gets massaged from the inside.

The full moon is March third and there is also a full lunar eclipse. Wanna make bets that the little one wants to see that??!! He is pretty low in there and a few other bodily changes are signaling that a change is coming. The appoinment yesterday went well. My blood pressure is still great, no weight gain again and I set up the next three appointments all at once, with the midwife saying that she might NOT be seeing me next in two weeks.

We shall see....

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Archived stuff Jan 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Moving day

I have made the painfree decision to move this blog to another location. I really wanted to start adding pictures into my blogs. You can find me at http://kerensa-anamcara.blogspot.com/
And don't worry, eventually I will figure out the spacing better.

Thursday, January 25, 2007
Sleep... or nosleep as the case may be

The night before last I am pretty sure that between the two of us, DH and I were awake all night. It was two-hour tag team sleeping. DH took the first sleep shift and I am pretty sure he ended up with the last one too. We both gave up trying to sleep well before 7am. Which is a bit odd since it was a day off for DH. I was pretty lethargic all the rest of the day, then we had childbirth class.
I am both horrified and somewhat relieved at the class. Most of it was regarding pain medication and options. Just reinforcing that I want to avoid that mess. It did seem to clarify for DH some why I don't want a hospital birth.
She did give some welcome and well needed suggestions on natural birth induction. Something about lots of naked time and radio dials :) (little sisters MIGHT read this, they probably know of these, BUT it makes me feel better) I heard a distinct moan from DH. BUT I have duct tape.... which is how we got to this place anyway...
I guess that I need to mention that the last apointment with the CNM went well. My bloodpressure is cool and I halted the weight gain extravaganza from the previous month. Picked up admission paperwork and the birth registration packet. I am plotting to have DH work on them with the excuse (and truth) that doctors have better penmanship.. although it WOULD be fitting...I doubt they read that stuff anyway. I think it is just busy work.
So... last night, after the childbirth class, I was awake a little later than my normal 8pm crash. Once I fell asleep I did stay that was until 4:30a. DON'T gasp! That is a GOOD thing. A new sleeping record for me. I stayed asleep for more than 3 hours in one spell!!! :) Let me see... this one lasted about 6 hours!!!! I woke up thirsty as anything, but well rested!
I posted new pics last week of my knitting project. I finished a dragon over the weekend and am close to having an elephant done. I am excited about the expected arrival of a sewing machine, found a couple of cute patterns for nursing shirts. AND I finally ordered some plastic drinkware, the loss rate of glassware has been rather high lately. I suspect that my decrease in dexterity is a method to increase my patience in preparation for the little one's development. Weird... and don't tell mom... but I think it is working. I MIGHT also have learned to sit still. Not for long mind you. And "still" is a relative term of course.
I am SOO ready to be up and running again!!! Tuesday was a gorgeous day on the island. The ocean looked so very inviting. I tried to talk DH into putting a kayak together and finding an innertube for me to sit in while he paddled. That was about as popular as me trying to get him to let me play paintball. The mind is willing, the body unwieldy. I have PLANS though!!! Yes indeed... I am prepared. The jogging stroller is at mom's and I am eyeing an infant pfd.
Ok well... it is time for food now. Laters

Monday, January 15, 2007
An Ode to Toes

Ohh wonderful toes...with fast growing nails...
I know you are still there....
You exclaim your hurt when I hit corners with you....
Complain when I don't manage to get my socks on straight...

Ok yea.. that was bad, but you got the idea :)
The toes are still reachable... just takes a little more work! Feeling rather large lately... getting uncomfortable to sleep. Still walking, ok well more of a penguin like shuffle. I reach 33 weeks tomorrow.
Can't believe it is almost time to meet this little one. Any bets made yet on whether he will be early or late? On schedule is just to much to ask for.
I put two new pictures up, one of what I imagine myself to look like and the other is what I feel like... can you guess which is which?
I bought a jogging stroller from ebay. Starting to wonder if I can't maybe rig it up to use it earlier than they usually recommend. Duct tape is a miracle worker after all.
I am knitting away still :) I ordered some bright red and blue for the turtle blanket and am working to finish up a shrug that I started ages ago. Only one sleeve left to finish.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I wake up from my nap on Sunday... yea I do naps now... don't diss the naps!! The little guy is rthymically moving or my heart beat got r-e-a-l-l-y slow... I check... its not my heartbeat.
After about an hour of feeling light periodic movement... I figure maybe he wants some story from dad....(you know who you are). So dad is coerced into reading from the MAN.... Seuss of course.
Halfway through the most excellent of Seuss interpretations... I figure it out... and yell out..
HICCUPS... the little guy has the HICCUPS!!!!
He didn't seem too put out by them... the hiccups were pretty much the only movement for a couple of hours. Damn it was funny watching my belly jiggle!!!
DH finished up Seuss and we watched the belly quake for a while. Can you think of a better pastime on a Sunday afternoon??.. ok well... we already did that ;)
Appointment with the CNM today... I gained a little too much this last month, she wants me to keep a better watch on that, but other than that things look great! Little one is still head down, feels about the right size for his age and has a strong heartbeat. More good news is that she (the CNM) will not be going TDY near my date... so she will be available during birth :) Super HAPPY about that!! I feel that she really understands my misgivings about being in a hospital and will be the sane medical voice for me. She tried to drive the water birth with safety, but said they are really against it. I have some names that I am going to try to work a bit more. Wouldn't it be nice for moms-to-be to have more options?? I certainly think so!!
On another note... I FINALLY found a knitting project that I want to do for the little one. Scroll down to see the turtle blanket. http://www.littleturtleknits.com/pages/everyonepatterns.php I have gotten started on it with some colors left over from a wild colored afghan :)

Monday, January 01, 2007

I posted a new pic of DH and I. Just look at those smiles... so happy and relaxed... yea... We have NO clue!!!
Take a good look, might be one of the last times that we look like we have had enough sleep. Right now the little one is a might wiggly, but somehow I doubt he is going to fall and hurt something. He is also rather quiet... except for the times when he kicks so hard that I squeal. And really can you blaim him? He is a bit cramped in there and we all know my propensity for being still.
Today we are a nice looking clueless couple with enough sleep. In two months... the world will turn upside down and nothing, yet everything will be the same.
That soo cool!!
I don't know about you, but I am not making any resolutions this year. I can't read the future and know what it going to happen. About all that I know is that my family will alter in unforeseeable ways and we will be living somewhere else in this world by the end of the year.
For now, we read Dr Seuss to my bellybutton and get sleep.
Enjoy the new year!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Freezing on a subtropical island

We had a couple of nice warm sunny days lately. All a tricky ploy to lure us into comfort... then bam... back to 68.

Ok, not all that climatic. I have to say that 68 IS cold when it is easily over 88 for 10 months of the year. I had on socks... in the house... a little knit cap and a jacket. Walk around outside and you will see the Okinawans wrapped up in down coats with gloves and thick woolen hats on.

Mom is coming to visit in a month and she laughed at my freezing and let me know she would bring her long johns. Compared to the 20 where she lives... she will be quite comfortable.

Here is a fuzzy picture of my belly at 35 weeks. The blur is not a commentary of my (in)ability to take good pictures, but rather a sign of how hard it is to take a picture of a stealth pregnant ninja. As the belly increases, I become more graceful, sleek and agile, thus harder to capture an image in my native environment. It is all true, just ask me (and ignore the broken picture frame on the floor over there).

DH's car broke again. We hope that it will be an easy (read inexpensive) fix. He suspects a hose or a broken seal somewhere in the cooling system. Personally... I suspect that the car is allergic to water. While this car has been in our possession it has been gifted a new water pump, radiator, waterpump plug, hose and numerous coolant flushes. What else is there in the system??! Obviously the car is allergic to water.

If you are looking at any of my pictures, then you know that I have been a knitting fiend lately. At the moment, I am (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of some red, blue and green yarn so that I may complete a turtle blanket... and now also a knit stuffed turtle. The little one might have a zoo knit, by the time the yarn arrives for me to finish the turtle. What are your thoughts on a teal kangaroo? Or a fuschia koala bear?