Monday, January 29, 2007

Freezing on a subtropical island

We had a couple of nice warm sunny days lately. All a tricky ploy to lure us into comfort... then bam... back to 68.

Ok, not all that climatic. I have to say that 68 IS cold when it is easily over 88 for 10 months of the year. I had on socks... in the house... a little knit cap and a jacket. Walk around outside and you will see the Okinawans wrapped up in down coats with gloves and thick woolen hats on.

Mom is coming to visit in a month and she laughed at my freezing and let me know she would bring her long johns. Compared to the 20 where she lives... she will be quite comfortable.

Here is a fuzzy picture of my belly at 35 weeks. The blur is not a commentary of my (in)ability to take good pictures, but rather a sign of how hard it is to take a picture of a stealth pregnant ninja. As the belly increases, I become more graceful, sleek and agile, thus harder to capture an image in my native environment. It is all true, just ask me (and ignore the broken picture frame on the floor over there).

DH's car broke again. We hope that it will be an easy (read inexpensive) fix. He suspects a hose or a broken seal somewhere in the cooling system. Personally... I suspect that the car is allergic to water. While this car has been in our possession it has been gifted a new water pump, radiator, waterpump plug, hose and numerous coolant flushes. What else is there in the system??! Obviously the car is allergic to water.

If you are looking at any of my pictures, then you know that I have been a knitting fiend lately. At the moment, I am (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of some red, blue and green yarn so that I may complete a turtle blanket... and now also a knit stuffed turtle. The little one might have a zoo knit, by the time the yarn arrives for me to finish the turtle. What are your thoughts on a teal kangaroo? Or a fuschia koala bear?

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