Monday, February 19, 2007

The Belly Button Chronicles - Part 3

Well it happened... sorta. Looks like no outie belly button for me, what I get is a VERY VERY flat one!

As I said before it is rather nice, no worries about lint collection!

I am going to miss having a flat belly button, rock hard abs and quiet.

We are at 38 weeks today, anytime now and we will have a little one... on the outside. It is a little crowded in that belly right now.

I had the BEST baby shower EVER in the history of baby showers!!! I hear it was amazingly fun and I am so very glad everyone had fun!!!

There were presents and present wrapping, food of course, games to play and a little geography lesson mixed in. So cool, what better way to enjoy a Saturday than to know there is a party going on!

I do have a birthday coming up... so if anyone needs a reason to party, I can't think of a better one :)

Today I practiced my hypnobirth CD, which is totally cool by the way. I am working on visualizing the hospital away and relaxing all that needs to be relaxed.

Ohh and DH's car is in the shop.... it appears to have been making funny noises. I suggested turning the radio off, but... got a funny look for some reason. He sure is going to LOVE the music that I will be playing at birthing. Well... honestly I doubt he will even notice.

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