Monday, February 26, 2007

Definitely a monkey...

So DH and I keep insisting the little one is not a puppy. He turns out, however, to be a monkey. The little one is head first on my cervix and the ONLY thing keeping him in this point is the fact that he has wrapped his little legs around my ribs and is hanging on.

Now it is hard to chastise... I recall the appeal in this position from a variety of objects... trees, swings... and things that parents really don't want to know their children play on.

Given that we are NOT changing diapers, cleaning spit-up, wishing for a mute button or generally worrying that we have ruined his life before he can speak or focus more than twelve inches from his face, we do have it pretty good right now. Well, DH has it good. He is sleeping... no...not RIGHT this minute, but a significant number of minutes longer than I am sleeping, even given the so called "snoring" that he insists he is enduring.

And for those that keep tabs on my craft projects, here is a picture of Neko, the new Internet monitor that we employ (please don't tell immigrations). He was the candy monitor, but DH managed to get ahold of some chocolate. He has since been transferred into a new position.

Just look at the perfect meditation position and the immense calm that he displays... truly amazing.

This weekend is a full moon and a lunar eclipse. Certainly a must see in my book. I only know what time it will be viewable from Okinawa, but I am pretty sure that it is also viewable stateside. Check it out!

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