Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rock hard abs *SECRET*

I have discovered a guaranteed and amazing way to develop ROCK HARD abs!!! No more hours and hours of crunches, no repetitive days at the gym doing the same focused exercises...

It is soo good to be true that I am not sure if I should share my secret here.

BUT here is my story...

For the last couple of weeks I noticed a significant increase in the firm quality to my abs. They are so tight and hard that one COULD bounce change on them. But I didn't spend a great deal of time to develop my amazing abs. In fact, I have been rather negligent lately in my crunch routine.


SEX… without birth control.

Yup… that’s it.

About eight and a half months ago, I landed the amazing sex technique that has developed lately into my amazing new abs. Well… of course I had help. It is a team sport after all ;)

All you have to do to see my amazing rock hard abs is to visit my photo album.

Don’t worry… I know that I am impressive!! People go out of their way to open doors, lift things for me and even have the courtesy to let me have the right-of-way through doors and up stairs. The abs are THAT amazing!!!

I bet you wish you had such awesome abs :)

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