Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Part of the joy of parenthood is the proliferation of stuffed bears. Now a newborn is so small that quite often the bears are larger than the baby. And this is the case in our home as well.

While getting ready for work dh holds conversations with the little one and this morning was no different. As dh sips his coffee he makes the comment that little one is likely to be afraid of bears since all his toy bears are larger than he is.

This of course is in need of a long (pregnant) pause.

I personally think it is healthy to have a fear of bears. There aren't many bears that I can think it is a good idea to walk up to and give a hug.

To which dh replies, I only think the ones that are heavily foaming at the mouth are safe to hug. You know those are the REALLY happy ones.

At this point, I can only hope that our son will have a healthy dose of fear for all bears, not just the ones that aren't foaming at the mouth or are stuffed.

And here is the brainteaser for the day. Just how many blankets can an infant wet in a morning?



As many as you have. Did you really think there would be a different answer??

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