Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Belly Button Chronicles - Final Part

The belly button has returned to its previous state. Now don't get me wrong... I don't miss not being able to see my toes or the inability, despite my pregnancy ninja stealthiness, to put my pants on while standing up, but it WAS nice to wash the flat belly button.

I jumped for joy at being in my normal pants... AND putting them on without sitting down!! I cheered at the thought that I COULD drink a DR. Pepper without gagging... if only they didn't still taste and smell disgusting. I positively giggled at sleeping on my stomach... at least I can right after I have fed little one. Any sooner would require a sheet change, but that is ok, because I CAN lie on my stomach. Instead of waking up every three hours to pee... I wake up every three hours to aim a large nipple at a very small mouth. One would THINK that I would be adjusted to the sleep disturbance, but before I could stumble around and then collapse back into bed. Now I must have a smidgen of dexterity and wake up well enough to remember the side that I need to start little one on (no small task and not always accomplished).

It was an interesting journey for my belly button and me. One that I can conceive of repeating, just not this week. Fortunately my dh is in complete agreement. At least I THINK it is fortunate. Although a bit stressful on my part as the drive is back. I have been told in no uncertain terms that I don't get touched until there is some bc in place. So much for my new exercise discovery for rock hard abs. I guess that I need to find a different technique for a while.

Little one is the absolute coolest person, place and thing EVER. Nothing else can get me excited about poop and he excels at this so incredibly well! I won't even begin on the fact that I actually call it "poop" now.

He just makes me think WOW!! Then I get stuck. Everything and nothing has changed at the same time. Seriously... how COOL is that?!

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