Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ethan’s Birth Story

Here it is (As I remember it)

On Wednesday Feb 28 at 7pm I started having contractions between 7 and 10 minutes apart. They lasted all night and I was able to sleep through them on and off. I was in and out of the bathtub during the night for relaxation. At 5am March 1, I had what I thought to be bloody show and my contractions changed to 5 minutes apart. I was not particularly uncomfortable and Josh went in to work planning to be home around lunch.
Around 11am, the contractions became more intense and I called Josh to ask when he would be home. I felt the need to have him home, but it was not urgent. Josh came home about noon. All morning I had been starting small projects, puzzles, a bit of knitting and organizing. Josh found little piles of things that I had been doing scattered around the house. He helped me through contractions when I needed him. My older sister, Amy, called at 1pm and we spoke for a little while. I lost track of the conversation a few times as contractions came. Again that day I was in and out of the hot bath, using it to relax.
Some time later I told Josh that I needed more help through contractions. They were becoming more intense and uncomfortable. He started taking things down to the car to be ready to go to the hospital. When I had one contraction that I became unsure that I could labor without pain medication, I asked Josh to call the hospital and tell them we wanted to come in. The doctor on call told him to wait until the contractions were closer together and that would likely be a couple more hours. When Josh hung up the phone I had four contractions a minute a part and wanted to push. I told Josh that I wanted to push and he said “Let’s go.”
It was hard to get down the stairs and get into the car, sitting in the car was even tougher. I don’t remember much of the drive. I was trying not to push. Part way through Kadena AB I heard a siren and Josh said something, then started yelling out the window that I was in labor. The police came over the intercom telling him to pull over. Josh pulled over in the baseball diamond parking lot and was yelling out the car that I was in labor. I told him that I was ok, he was rather excited.
A fire truck pulled up and six or so men hopped out, then just stood around at a bit of a distance. One came closer and asked me what week of pregnancy I was on, then shouted back to get oxygen on me. I looked at him and asked why I needed oxygen, I was breathing fine, just ready to have a baby. He said something about keeping me and the baby safe. Then someone asked if I was crowning and the fireman cut off my pj pants and shouted that I was crowning. I asked if my baby had hair, but no one answered.
Then a gurney was there and they helped me get onto the gurney and loaded it into an ambulance. The EMT told Josh to get in the front and the lady kept saying “Don’t push baby girl.” I think at some point I asked her if she was crazy or kidding. Everyone was shouting at he driver to go faster.
Then the gurney was being lifted out. The lady at my head smashed her finger as she lifted me out. I was wheeled into another room and moved to a different bed. They lifted my behind up on something. I looked around and there had to be fifteen or so people in the room.
A woman comes to my right and starts to put an IV in me, Cmdr Larson stops her and tells her that I don’t need it. I remember Cmdr Larson telling me that she told me not to wait until I was ready to push. I think I grinned at her.
A man next to me started telling me over and over to push. The urge wasn’t there so I ignored him. Then the urge came and boy did I push. Then he said to push more lightly and I did that and then he asked for one more and I felt a great rush of fluid and relief. Then my baby boy was screaming. I heard someone say that he was peeing.
There was a flurry of activity. Ethan was placed on me for a little bit and then moved. I tracked where he was and saw Josh with him. I was told to push again and did, delivering the placenta. Another nurse tries to give me pitocin and Larson again stops her.
Someone asked what the time of birth was and they settled with 1550 (3:50p).
Cmdr Larson hopped up on the bed and gave me a shot for pain, which stung very badly. She told me that I had a second degree tear and “skid marks”. She stitched me up.
The doctor, remember the one telling us to wait longer, chose that time to lecture me for waiting that long and that the next one I would have to have an induction?! Uhh yeah... like I WANT to labour in the hospital. I just nodded at him and asked for my little one back.

Then we were moved to labor and delivery until they had a recovery room ready for us.

We were famous. Lester does not deliver in the ER. The ER hates to see pregnant women. I kept hearing stories about people getting a weird page to go to the ER for a delivery. Who else gets their pants cut off by a fireman in public??

I had no needles stuck in me and needed two 800 milligram Ibuprofen. Ethan also had no shots; I refused the vitamin K and Hep shots. I also refused the eye ointment and circumcision. Both of us were discharged the next early evening to go home. Ethan and I were also interfered with very little. My thanks go to Cmdr Larson for smoothing the way for us and keeping procedures to an absolute minimum.

My mom was in Tokyo on her way to Okinawa as Ethan was born. Josh picked her up that evening and she got to meet Ethan that night and stayed with us for 3 weeks. The camera was forgotten in Josh’s car.

The story is more exciting with Josh and I both telling it. I just can't quite get the drama and flury in writing.

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