Friday, April 20, 2007

Little One's adventure

Well.. Little One has been pushing and pushing for me to share his adventure story. He feels typing is beneath him right now, thus he talked me into posting for him.

Mom went out for a walk leaving Dad and I to fend for ourselves for an hour or so. Rather than sit around and discuss how cool and handsome we are, I convinced Dad to go on an outing. A little bird had told me that grandma likes frog legs. The two things just add up to a nice adventure... so out we got... frogging.

We grabbed our frog hunting gear and slipped out to the gay cat park. (You have to ask Mom about that one, I for one don't see many happy cats.) It was a dark and spooky night, Dad said you have to watch out for the gay cats. We could hear the frogs, but everytime we got close they got quiet. Must have been the sneezing...

I handed Dad a hanky... lo and behold we caught ourselves a couple of frogs!! Of course, you know the only good way to eat frog legs is to fry them and grandma said they were delicious!!

Mom comes back from her walk and takes a couple of whiffs. Not saying a word she walks over and lights a couple of candles. I guess she doesn't care for fried frog legs??

So, if you come visit us please bring some candles for Mom, because that was an adventure worth repeating. Mom promised not to censor my stories, we will see how that holds up when I finish writing my ode to boobies!!


And all this time I thought it was gas??! It does explain both the smell and why DH looks tired when I get back from my walks. Who knew?

Monday, April 2, 2007

You know you are tired when...

you try to lace up slip on shoes.

it takes four trips to the clothes washer to put in the dirty washcloth.

you try to make a PB&J... without bread.

you call you son by the dog's name and you don't have a dog anymore.

you want to shave your head to cut down on shower time.

the bed sheet has been peed on, but you know it will dry so you lie back down.

it takes three trips to the closet to get a shirt...that is in the dresser.

you put toothpaste on your hairbrush.

you forget when you last breastfed...the little one is still on your nipple.

I will leave it to you to guess which ones happened...because I am not telling.