Friday, July 27, 2007

The Conspiracy Uncovered

The Conspiracy Uncovered
While gazing at my son sleeping, the truth behind "eyes in the back of mom's head" struck me. But let us step back a moment.

I am not a person to sit still, until recently I did not know the meaning of the word nap. When people tell you that your life will never be the same after having children, they both seriously over AND under estimate the truth at the same time. Everything stays the same. You are still the person you always were and enjoy the same things. BUT at the same time, everything changes. This is a phenomenon that I can only partially address as my son is napping right now and I am fighting the strong pull to go gaze at him.

No doubt that I ask of my mom all the important questions in life, such as...when did I first yadda yadda and do you ever get used to such and such. Well the first question I can answer with regards to napping...I was 34 when I took my first nap. yup "34" And believe me when I tell you that I WANTED that nap like I want... well... I do feel the need to keep this PG... chocolate. I think mom dropped the phone when I told her that I wanted a nap and I could hear my little sis in the background asking if anyone knew rescue breathing. yea... I don't nap...

To the second question sets of questions, I look at my mom as the expert. She survived all her children and we survived her. There are two still at home, so it COULD change. Then youngest one is trying her hardest to bring about nonsurvival. So I asked her if I would ever get used to being a mommy. I get a LOONG pause. Good sign that means no. I can deal with never getting used to it as long as I know that I won't. I also asked her if she ever got over staring....make that gazing at your children. She quickly replied no, you just get better at hiding it.

Ahh... do you follow me now? So it isn't a matter of eyes in the back of mom's head, but rather the fascination at this little life brought into this world and the wonder at what they will do next. This, combined with the fact that mom has to hide the gazing from the child or get "what", "what", "what" until you can think of a reason for gazing or quickly show them something shiny, is the truth behind the extra eyes.

So...what does this great epiphany mean?

Absolutely. It is time for me to go back and gaze at my perfect little man sleeping. :)

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