Thursday, August 23, 2007

The physics of the family bed

The beginning of bed sharing is always an adventure.

I am a futon on the floor kinda person, enjoying hanging partially off the bed. I also generate enough heat that unless there are icicles IN the room, blankets just end up on the floor. I am also a very light sleeper, can't tolerate noise, no TV, no radio...nothing.

Now it is hard for me to say what dh alone sleeping habits are, but I imagine a pillow fort, TV on, and every available blanket on the bed.

Picturing the scenario? Throw the two of onto a queen size platform bed and let the fun begin.

But don't let the fun stop there. I am a firm believer in attachment parenting. I mean, the little one spent his first nine months IN my body. I can't shock him into sleeping all alone...just can't do it. So.. little one has joined us in the bed.

There are upsides..I don't have to open my eyes to nurse him, just get a boob close enough that he can latch on. When he gets wiggly, I can put him over his little potty and he usually is back asleep before he finishes peeing... so no sitting in his own waste. AND evidently he is as much of a cuddler as I am! :)

BUT how a person under 20 pounds can take up half the bed AND still be pressed against me...I will never know. So here we are.

DH bundled up under umpteen blankets on a third of the bed. LO with half the bed, yet in the lake we generate together. Yes.. lake. He is as warm as I am in the bed. Together we generate enough heat to thaw Canada, if not completely melt all the icebergs.

Now my math is pretty good. I can still work out advanced calculus problems, but one half and one third end up equalling me with a cheek off the bed. And we aren't talking the rosy kind.

I wouldn't have it any other way!! I love waking up to my two men snoring and farting peacefully next to me. VERY much worth needing the bungee cords to avoid falling out of bed.

You figure the physics...I am going to go cuddle!!:)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Fine Art of Changing a Poopy Diaper

It has long been a long disputed question, whether it is better to clean from the outside going in the inside going out. Now those of you with LOs know what I am talking about. Not every poopy diaper is completely contained. No matter sposie or cloth, no matter how large or small, or even how many times you managed to wrap that sucker around the LO. There are poops and there are POOPS.

This morning LO rented out space in his cloth diaper to the neighborhood. Oh yea, you KNOW what I am talking about admit it. That massive.. how in the world can you make THAT much poop, POOP.

As I am cleaning hands, toes, and belly button, being thankful that his ears managed to stay clean, I wonder if it makes more sense to start at the outer edges and clean going in or tackle the big mess first and go out.

Usually, in the case of a poop of this volume starting at the center is a little intimidating...OK truth be told it is downright scary. So I start at the edges and work my way to the center as I drum up the courage to tackle the POOP.

Another forunate thing is that LO is a bf (breastfed) baby. I am told that their poops are quite nice compared to ff (formula fed) baby poops. I hope that I NEVER have to see THAT!!!

Giant Species Discovered on Small Ryukyu Island

Today was the first day in three, read it, THREE months that it was cool enough to risk opening the windows. Low and behold, as going about morning duties, I looked down to discover this furry creature gliding across my foot. It appears that LO (Little One) and I are not the only ones coming out to enjoy the cooler air.

I won't say that it is bigger than a breadbox, but it is certainly the largest of its type that I have ever encountered. LO and I observed it for a while and decided that we needed a family pet. Just look at the benefits...It is soft and furry (no it is not DH), eats little and what it does eat you really don't want anyway. So we ventured to the 100 yen store to get a home for the new addition.

On the way back, LO and I discussed names and after tossing around the obvious names of Fluffy, Buttons and Ralph we decided to call it "Spike". Spike was surprisingly amiable to capture. We simply opened his home and with a little tickle of air, he floated right in. is LO and Spike, his first pet.

Yea... LO looks worried. I tried explaining that Spike doesn't eat little boys, but hey when faced with a species of that magnitude can you blaim him?

Do you think will will have any difficulty moving Spike with us during our PCS? I am not up on how well this species travels or what effect a 12-14 hour flight might have on him.