Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Fine Art of Changing a Poopy Diaper

It has long been a long disputed question, whether it is better to clean from the outside going in the inside going out. Now those of you with LOs know what I am talking about. Not every poopy diaper is completely contained. No matter sposie or cloth, no matter how large or small, or even how many times you managed to wrap that sucker around the LO. There are poops and there are POOPS.

This morning LO rented out space in his cloth diaper to the neighborhood. Oh yea, you KNOW what I am talking about admit it. That massive.. how in the world can you make THAT much poop, POOP.

As I am cleaning hands, toes, and belly button, being thankful that his ears managed to stay clean, I wonder if it makes more sense to start at the outer edges and clean going in or tackle the big mess first and go out.

Usually, in the case of a poop of this volume starting at the center is a little intimidating...OK truth be told it is downright scary. So I start at the edges and work my way to the center as I drum up the courage to tackle the POOP.

Another forunate thing is that LO is a bf (breastfed) baby. I am told that their poops are quite nice compared to ff (formula fed) baby poops. I hope that I NEVER have to see THAT!!!

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