Thursday, August 23, 2007

The physics of the family bed

The beginning of bed sharing is always an adventure.

I am a futon on the floor kinda person, enjoying hanging partially off the bed. I also generate enough heat that unless there are icicles IN the room, blankets just end up on the floor. I am also a very light sleeper, can't tolerate noise, no TV, no radio...nothing.

Now it is hard for me to say what dh alone sleeping habits are, but I imagine a pillow fort, TV on, and every available blanket on the bed.

Picturing the scenario? Throw the two of onto a queen size platform bed and let the fun begin.

But don't let the fun stop there. I am a firm believer in attachment parenting. I mean, the little one spent his first nine months IN my body. I can't shock him into sleeping all alone...just can't do it. So.. little one has joined us in the bed.

There are upsides..I don't have to open my eyes to nurse him, just get a boob close enough that he can latch on. When he gets wiggly, I can put him over his little potty and he usually is back asleep before he finishes peeing... so no sitting in his own waste. AND evidently he is as much of a cuddler as I am! :)

BUT how a person under 20 pounds can take up half the bed AND still be pressed against me...I will never know. So here we are.

DH bundled up under umpteen blankets on a third of the bed. LO with half the bed, yet in the lake we generate together. Yes.. lake. He is as warm as I am in the bed. Together we generate enough heat to thaw Canada, if not completely melt all the icebergs.

Now my math is pretty good. I can still work out advanced calculus problems, but one half and one third end up equalling me with a cheek off the bed. And we aren't talking the rosy kind.

I wouldn't have it any other way!! I love waking up to my two men snoring and farting peacefully next to me. VERY much worth needing the bungee cords to avoid falling out of bed.

You figure the physics...I am going to go cuddle!!:)

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