Sunday, September 2, 2007

My flakey husband...

DH enjoys calling me a treehugger. Who am I to argue? There are many ways to travel in this life and I would like to think that my presence here left the world better off than I found it. I also happens that many of these things that reduce environmental impact are also healthier for our bodies... go figure... a system that works!

To this end, I use cloth hand towels, cloth diapers, nontoxic home cleaners, and recycle items when I can. This isn't the end of the list, but an example.

Given our move back to the states, the rising cost of gas and the male inclination to tinker, DH is looking into a bio diesel or even cooking oil as a fuel source for a vehicle.

I am all for it. Not only can it reduce the impact on our pocket book, lower reliance on fossil fuels AND keep money out of the Bush family, but it also indicates that DH has moved up the crunchy scale in life.

I frequent a mothering forum and posed the questions of crunchy levels. I asked if this rise in environmental awareness moved him to flakey. He isn't crunchy yet, he does still have this addiction to plastic water bottles and zip lock bags. BUT he is clearly moving up the scale from gas guzzling lead foot.

What I discovered on this forum is that many minds have given this a great deal of though before I have. And there is a crunchy hierarchy. Flakey isn't on it, which is too bad, but it goes something like this. Soggy, chewy, crispy and crunchy. Other suggestions include crunchy curious, for those exploring but not ready to commit. Sorta crunchy for those that try, but haven't made the last leap and al dente a little firm to the bite, but not crunchy.

DH is no longer soggy... I would guess that he has moved to chewy at this point. I still think it is funny to call him a flake though.

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