Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Road Trip

Look at this great piece of fabric that I came across! I plan to turn this into a playmat/toybag for a traveling piece of fun.

We are moving this November back to the states and I have been thinking of ways to make the long, long move more fun. Of course, within the restrictions that the toys be *quiet* toys, not too heavy AND entertaining. Given that LO is not yet a year, that combination is rather challenging. His favorite toys right now are crinkly paper and his toes. Toes are easy... they pack up nicely. Crinkly paper... not so much. It is fun and light, but very noisy.

DH and I found a soft vehicle collection and thus the idea for a traveling playmat was born. Yes, you might say there are ALREADY travel playmats out there. And you are right, but the ones that I found are all vinyl or nylon and didn't close up very well to carry toys. LO's playmat will be unique! Nice cotton fabric to play on and a cool bag to hold all the toys quickly.

Check back to see how this magic unfolds!

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