Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shoe shopping

DON'T freak by the title. YES I STILL hate shopping! BUT little one started walking with a vengeance this week, wore the toes out of his first shoes and they are too small. The next size that we have for him, as darn cute as they are are just a smidgen too large. So....we went shoe shopping :)

The range of quality, flexibility and fit is huge! Despite little one's desire to run all over the store and even out the door, I managed to work quite a number of shoes onto his feet.

There is a short version...but what fun is that? They had sandals, squeaky shoes, boots, platforms....even sandals that squeaked. Most of the shoes were too rigid or not high enough over the large part of the foot (no doubt that has a name that eludes me). He is also rather between sizes on most of the others right now. The 12-18mo were too short, but the 18-24mo were too long.

One fit just perfectly, this one in a size 5 BUT I didn't think the sole was quite flexible enough for a starting walker.

So we went with this one in a size 18-24 mo

How cute is that?! They work great with or without socks and he walked all over the shopping court styling in his new shoes!!

I figure in about three months or so the See Kai Run shoes will work well... but in a size 6. They do seem to be bigger around than typical toddler shoes and he definitely needs that space. Just in case someone REALLY REALLY wants to buy shoes, I placed a couple on his Amazon wish list.

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