Sunday, July 31, 2011

E reading

E has been drilling himself on the alphabet, asking for new words and more books. He reads through his favorites to us and asks for more words. He adds to the words that he recognizes and works on spelling the important words like fart and poop.

I started checking into reading books and ran across The Reading Lesson. I love the simplicity of this book. More importantly E enjoys it!

We sit down with The Reading Lesson book, open it up and he knows just what to do on each page. The lessons are laid out simply with a minimum of clutter on the page.

Each lesson starts with a set of letters to learn and throughout the lesson they are reinforced with matching, new words, new sound combinations and stories with their own matching picture. Very little preparation is needed, which has been wonderful for us as I can never be sure how hard and long he will want to push. Sometimes we read through quite a number of pages at a single sitting.

This book has been a big help for me to work with E on reading. It provides just enough guidance and focus for me to feel progress and the simplicity just draws E in, he loves doing it on his own!

E was so proud to read to Dad from his book, when Dad returned home from a deployment and he loves to point out the words, letters and sounds that he knows where ever we travel.

Here is a link to E reading one of the stories
He was in quite a hurry as he wanted to record Mom reading a book :)


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